Why Google doesn’t play fair?

I recently found out that you can buy a PR6/7 link from Google for $2,990. Now, am I wrong or wasn’t link purchasing against Google’s policy? So, how does one purchase a link from Google? Simply by buying a Google Mini. You will not only get to use this device to search through your computer files with better accuracy, but you will also profit greatly by having an inbound link from Google.Do you want to see the websites that are currently in violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines? No problem, Google makes these available here. As you can see there are some reputable websites on that list, but there are also some dodgy ones that get to sit back and chuckle from the notion that their page rank will rise while other websites will put in some hard work to abide to Google’s rules.It seems that Google, whose motto is “do no evil”, doesn’t seem to adhere to its own rules.

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