How to print zno files?

If you have not heard of zno files, then you might have heard of Zinio Reader. If you have not heard of Zinio reader, I will tell you right now. Zinio reader is a piece of free software that lets you view digital books and digital magazine. The format of these books and magazines is the mentioned “zno”.The reader is nice in the digital sense because it lets you purchase digital versions of many of your desired magazines and also books. What’s the advantage of purchasing a digital version? The main advantage is that is is cheaper, sometimes half the price or more. What is the disadvantage? The main disadvantage is that you cannot print many of them.The people that have tried might had noticed that the papers that come out of the printer are all grayed out and the content is ineligible. So how do you go around this? Well there is a way, but it has a downside. The downside is that you get a transparent, gray watermark across the middle of the page, but it can be easily ignored. So, if the watermark is no problem for you, here is what you do:1. Open the Zinio reader with the desired book or magazine2. Press the print button and select Adobe PDF (you have to have Adobe Acrobat installed prior to this step)3. Choose the pages you want to print and press OK4. Zinio will output every chosen page to a single pdf file which would be more convenient to have in a single pdf, right? For that, open Adobe Acrobat and select File -> Create PDF -> From Multiple Files. and choose all those files in numerical order5. You will have all the desired pages from Zinio in a single pdf file and as you can see you will also have the dreaded watermark on every page.6. Unfortunately you cannot print these yet. The pages will still be grayed out if you try to print them. What you need to do is to just print them again to Adobe PDF7. Now you can safely print them (try to ignore the watermark).

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  1. This method does not work anymore. Or at least on any of the mags and books I have. Any new suggestions?

  2. Thank you guys. I bought this book that I really needed for this course and I was afraid that I could only read it using Zinio.No offense to Zinio because it is a good viewer, but when studying it is a lot better to have the content on paper.

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