What to know about Google Chrome?

Today was the official launch of Google’s version of an internet browserm a.k.a. Google Chrome.By offering it on their simple, clutter free main page it could show that Google tries to push this product on the market as soon as possible and to probably start dominating or at least acquiring a large section of the market, really fast.Let’s see how it will go. There are definitely a lot of Google lovers out there and they will try it out.So, as one of the people that downloaded the browser (I am not necessarily a Google lover) I can share some of my opinions with you:1. Download time should be very fast for most users since it is only 465 Kb.2. The installation time takes a bit more.3. What I did not appreciate is that as soon as installation was finished it imported bookmarks, passwords from Internet Explorer without my approval. You can stop it while this transfer is done, but you have to be quick.4. The design stays true to Google’s main page, a.k.a. it is simple and efficient. All you have is the main browser with tabs, an address bar and a bookmarks button.5. I could not find how to organize the bookmarks.6. All the other functions (find, zoom, cut/paste, encoding, etc) are conveniently located on a single drop down menu.7. What I miss from Firefox and IE 7 in this new Chrome is the small search field in the upper right corner. I am really surprised they did not add this in Chrome, maybe in the next version?8. From a programming perspective, at a first glance, Google Chrome seems to respect the css rules so it shouldn’t be a hassle trying to satisfy the needs of yet another internet browser.

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