Why should you fall asleep before 12 a.m.?

Studies have shown that our cortisol levels are lowest before the 12 a.m. mark. The cortisol is a hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex. It helps the body cope with stress an inflammation. It also gets the body ready for the activities of tomorrow. So if we fall asleep before midnight, we will benefit from a higher recovery rate than if we were to fall asleep after 12 a.m.Every hour of sleep before midnight is almost twice as valuable as an hour after.So, don’t stay up late anymore.

3 thoughts on “Why should you fall asleep before 12 a.m.?”

  1. I followed your advice. It works! Thank you. I feel a lot more rested now. It’s so strange that just because going to bed before 12 can make such a big difference.

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