What to know about Sierra Adventure Gear?

What to know about Sierra Adventure Gear:This California based website offers all the essentials for exciting outdoor adventures. You can find everything from First Aid equipment to high performing headlamps to lightweight, warm sleeping bags. I was browsing around on the net for a camping stove and found the Brunton burners quite impressive. Sierra Adventure Gear also a line of backpacks by Maxpedition Gear. The Jumbo Versipack looks pretty cool, like something durable enough for the outdoors but also cool enough for Burning Man. However, as for tents, the one that really appeals to me is the Texsport bivy shelter tent. I figure it’s a good buy for when I go hiking or on a climbing trip. This is also one of those sites I think I would recommend to my dad or mom. They offer a variety of camping electronics that would accompany car campers for more luxury, relaxed trip. Or perhaps stuff to gift as Christmas presents this Christmas to outdoorsy friends. Who couldn’t use another multipurpose tool. Emergency packs and compasses also seem like good presents for the extreme adventure type. Anyways, check out this site! I just got a wicked deal on a expedition pack!