How to use scented geraniums?

What are the most important product obtained from scented geraniums? Essential Geranium Oil – very expensive, very fragrant and intense used in perfumes industry to make perfumes, syntetic rose oil or fragrancing bath or body oils. Second usage is for decorative purposes: scented geraniums (aka scented pelargoniums) ennobles any garden with their exotic foliage, whether are planted in flower beds, hanging baskets or flower pots and their dried scented leaves with different shapes or textures are very appreciated in sachets and potpourri-es.What else can do with fresh leaves or flowers? If you know how to fit their taste and essences into your favorite recipes, you will appreciate their flavors in different dishes. Why is it a fragrant adventure to use their leaves in cooking? Because their diverse flavors: rose, lemon-rose, orange, apple, coconut, apricot, nutmeg, oak or champagne add an unexpected and mysterious touch to your homemade scented sugar, jelly, tea cake and/or syrup.