When can you spot a closer than usual Jupiter in the sky in 2010?

Starting today, Jupiter will pass 592 million kilometres (368 million miles) away from Earth and the only thing brighter in the sky will be the moon. Grab a pair of binoculars or a telescope and maybe you’ll even spot some of its moons too.Don’t be dissapointed if it will be cloudy as Jupiter will still be relatively close for the following few weeks.Then again, there will always be 2022 when Jupiter will be at a similar closer distance as well. Happy spoting.

How to install Magento on Netfirms?

After a week of daily trial and error, I’ve almost given up with installing Magento onto Netfirms’ servers. I’ve tried installing using the downloader and the full realease with and without first installing the sample data. Nothing worked and I’m sure quite a few of you found yourself at the edge of frustration.There was another option left and this one seemed to work. I was going to install it via SSH. My optimism quickly failed as the “wget” and “./pear” functions were not allowed by Netfirms. I contacted Netfirms support to ask for more freedom via SSH so I can complete my Magento installation. Here was part of their reply:”Thank you for your inquiry.Regretfully, Magento application will not work properly on our shared server as it requires huge amount of resources to run it. We suggest signing up with our VPS hosting, Magento application will work on our VPS server.”Well, I wasn’t going to cough up ~$35 a month for that. I actually purchased another hosting plan with GoDaddy, but I haven’t been able to install it there yet either.Anyhow, the idea of not being able to install Magento onto Netfirms still haunted me. I gave it one last try and this one worked so here it is, step-by-step:(the solution is part of a paid service. Please contact us to purchase all the instructions) Go to www.yourdomain.com/magento/install/ and complete the installation wizard.Done! If you’re running into error pages with the installation wizard, be persistent and refresh the page and you’ll get to the end.Note: Magento does run a bit slow on Netfirms, but it runs.