How to find out what is your personality type?

Quickly select one of the nine images below to find out what is your personality type.Apparently these images were conceived by a psychologist and tested on a lot of people. Based on the received feedback, these images have been improved several times and re-tested until they became very accurate in determining someone’s personality type.

Here are the characteristics of each of the above images:

Image 1

  • independent
  • nonconformist
  • libertine

You need a lot of freedom and you can’t afford to settle down and you want to be able to make decisions without having to tie them to certain constraints. You have artistic inclination, both during work and during your free time. Your way of life is very individualistic. You will never blindly follow something that is generally accepted. On the contrary you will seek to live up to your own ideas and convictions even if that means you’ll have to swim against the current.

Image 2

  • dynamic
  • active
  • extroverted

You are capable to take risks and totally become involved in exchange of a diverse and interesting working opportunity. The daily routine has a paralyzing effect on you. What you like doing most is to play an active role in most of the events that surround you. This way you’re able to satisfy your desire to always be active.Image 4

  • grounded
  • balanced
  • harmonious

You adopt a natural style and love that which is simple. People admire you because you’re grounded and they can rely on you. You give those close to you security and space for expression. You are perceived as a warm and attentive person. You reject everything that is garish and trite. You tend to be skeptical toward the whims of fashion trends. For you, clothing should be practical and elegant in a unobtrusively way.Image 4

  • professional
  • pragmatic
  • confident

You take the life in your hands and have more confidence in your own power than in luck. You solve problems in a practical, uncomplicated manner. You posses a realistic look at what is happening and you have no hesitation. At work you are given great responsibilities because colleges know that they can rely on you.The confidence, which you prove to have, will impact others making them more confident in themselves. You’reĀ  satisfied only when your ideas have been enforced.Image 5

  • pacifist
  • diplomat
  • non aggressive

You are tolerant and at the same time diplomatic. You make friends effortlessly, yet you enjoy your privacy and independence. From time to time you like to be alone to contemplate on the meaning of things. But this does not make you a loner. You are at peace with yourself and the world and appreciate life and what it has to offer.Image 6

  • worry free
  • playful
  • cheerful

You like to be free and spontaneous. You try to enjoy as much of everything life has to offer and you seem to live by the saying: “You only live once”. You are very curious and open to everything new, you thrive on change. Nothing is worse than when you feel tied down. Everything around you is a game that can turn into a pleasant surprise.Image 7

  • romantic
  • dreamer
  • emotional

You are a sentimental person. You refuse to see things from the standpoint of reason. What you feel is as important as what you think. You think that dreams are an essential part of life.You reject people who don’t believe in romance and only act rational. You reject everything that constricts your rich variety of moods and emotions.Image 8

  • analytic
  • reliable
  • confident

What’s more valuable is your ability to understand quickly. You tend to collect the little gems of reasoning which you reveal whenever a friend overlooks them.Culture plays an essential role in your life. You have found a style that is elegant and different than the current fashion. Your ideal, upon which you base your life, is to enjoy the pleasures that culture has to offer. You like to surround yourself with people with a certain degree of culture.Image 9

  • introspective
  • rational
  • analytical

You often question your surroundings and yourself (much more often than other people). You detest superficiality. You’d rather be alone than have to small talk. The relationships you have with close friends are tight and they provide you with the peace and harmony that you need to feel good.So what do you think? Was the image that you chose and its description relevant to your own personality type?

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