Where is Bahrain?

Bahrain started to appear in the news lately and quite a few people have started asking where Bahrain is.As you can see from the map (if you have a good eye sight or you zoom in) the Kingdom of Bahrain is composed of an archipelago located in the Persian Gulf. Its closest neighbours are Saudi Arabia on the west and Quatar on the south-east.

What is a natural remedy for a toothache?

First of all, don’t ignore a toothache. You should go visit a dentist as soon as possible as you don’t really know what is causing the aching. If you are having an infection, it could easily spread and cause even bigger problems.This natural remedy should only be used if you’re just in pain waiting for your next day appointment. So, what’s the natural remedy for the toothache? Simply a couple of drops of clove oil on your aching tooth and surrounding gums and/or padding it with a smashed garlic clove. It has quite the antibacterial properties. If you think it would help, you can crush a couple of cloves, leave them for 15 minutes and then put them in a sealed bag in the freezer for a couple of hours and use that to soothe your toothache too.

What is”shit coffee”Kopi Luwak?

Yes, north americans call it “shit coffee” or poop coffee! It is not a joke! This is indeed what Kopi Luwak is, a coffee extracted from the droppings of  a civete (a kind of mongoose) who lives in Indonesia, Asia.The civete eats the coffee fruit, which are not digested and excreted in faeces. Later, Indonesian labours gather it grain by grain, clean them well and fry them.This is then packaged and sold as the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world! Kopi Luwak, the shit coffee. Probably very tasty though…

What’s the most expensive sandwich in the world?

most expensive sandwichThe most expensive sandwich in the world – yes, there is such a thing! – is the von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich. This delicacy with three layers has the finest chicken (Poulet de Bresse, considered the fourth gastronomic wonder of the world!), ham, quail eggs and white truffles. It is sold in Cliveden, Berkshire and costs about $200. It has 1182 calories and is on the list of the “must taste ” for gourmet fanatics from all over the world.

How to prevent shinsplints?

I have recently started running in order to train for a 10 km race. Maybe I did not warm up enough, maybe I was too out of shape, maybe I was wearing the wrong shoes, maybe I should have start running a lesser distance in the beginning, I don’t know. The fact is that I have shinsplints which were quite paintful. The doctor told me not to run anymore, to do other sports as running puts a lots of stress on one’s feet.I agree that it puts a lot of stress on one’s feet, especially if running on concrete, but to stop running? Well, that’s bullocks!Here are some easy exercises that I have found that you could start doing in order to strengthen the muscles attached to the shinbone and prevent shinsplints from happening to you.