What is RSS?

RSS is short for Rich Site Summary. It is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, blogs and other online publishers provide their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it. Basically RSS allows you to easily retrieve information from the websites you are interested in.

How to clean your computer keyboard?

There are quite a few ways if you want to clean your computer keyboard.The simplest way would be to use your vacuum with its special attachment for narrow spaces and start vacuuming the dirt from between your keys. If you don’t have an attachment, just turn the keyboard upside down and start shaking it until the dirt comes out from underneath the keys.A very good idea (but more expensive) is to buy a compressed air can and use it to clean your computer keyboard.If the actual keys need to be cleaned then you can wipe them with a damp cloth (using water or specialized keyboard cleaning chemical or even rubbing alcohool). For cleaning in between the keys you can use a cotton swab or you can improvise one by combining a piece of a cotton ball and a toothpick.For drastic cleaning (as when you spilled soda on the keyboard) you can actually take apart the individual keys (by prying them with a flat head screwdriver). If they cannot be pried try unscrewing the bottom of the keyboard and take that entire section of. Don’t forget where each key goes then clean each individual key and the bottom of the keyboard by applying the techniques mentioned above. Try and clean the keyboard right away before the spilled liquid dries and becomes sticky. If it becomes sticky, it can still be cleaned by using a damp cloth of cotton swap, but it will just be more difficult.Note: If anything is spilled on your keyboard please try and save everything that you are working on since you might loose your keyboard funcitonalities.

What to do to relax the night before an exam?

Have you ever been so stressed that you could not fall asleep the night before a quiz or an exam?I think it happened to all of us at some point in time. It’s always important to have a good night rest before an exam. So what should you do to relax the night before an exam?What is found to be good is to drink a cup of something warm. The best would be some warm milk or a caffeine free tea. Try to avoid hot cocoa since that will give you a sugar rush and might get ou even more nervous. If it’s not too late at night, you can even get a cup of a light soup (ex chicken soup).What all these do is boost your serotonin, a calming brain chemical, and therefore they relax you.For adults: you can have a glass of wine before going to bed and you will sleep more profound that night and get more rest.

How do you wash the jeans without shrinking them?

Some people were asking “How do you wash the jeans without shrinking them?”Well, actually then do not neceseraly shrink because of the washing, but rather because of the drying.So one thing you can do is to not put them in the dryer. Usually that is what’s causing the shrinking. Just let them dry by hanging them on a hanger. Them might become a bit stiff, but after you wear them once, they will be back to normal. You could also try adding fabric softner during rinsing.

What are good study snacks?

We all know that studying is making you hungry. Some people it is just an excuse to take a break from studying, but actually your body is starting to crave food because of the effort and stress that you are getting involved. We mostly crave carbs because the brain needs glucose (blood sugar) to stay sharp and alert. It uses glucose for energy. We all tend to eat candies, chips, popcorn, etc, but it’s not such a good idea. What they do is just give you a quick energy rush that is not lasting. So what are some good study snacks? Well you should eat fruits and vegetables instead(like you haven’t heard that before).So what would be some good examples?Apples – slice them nice and you can even add some peanut butter for a fancier treat.Cheerios – just munch on these and they will do you good.Grapes – healthy snackMini carots – those are fun to eat.

How is travelling back in time possible?

There is a new concept that could possibly allow future generations to travel into the past. How? Well there are quite a few theories out there, all of them impractical. What’s different about this new concept? Well, it doesn’t require theoretical forms of matter to make it work. Nevertheless, the new concept requires a technology more advanced than ours so…it’s still impractical.So how is travelling back in time possible or rather, what’s the summary of the concept? Well, it is known that matter bends space and time. Therefore the idea would be to bend space/time (currently a seen as a line) so much that it will turn back on themeselves (forming a circle).For this though, the bending needs to be very strong and it would require a stronger force to do it.What I also find interesting about this concept is that if a time machine will be invented that will use the space/time bending theory, then no one from the future will be able to travel back to a time before the machine was invented. Why? Because when the time machine will first be operational, that is when the circle starts to form…get it?

Where are your money now?

Have you ever wondered where your bills were before they came into your posession?I’ve just stumbled upon an interesting website wheresgeorge.comAll you need to do is enter the denomination, series, and serial number of any US dollar bill, and your current USA ZIP or Canadian Post Code. If the dollar bill you enter has been entered here before, you will get back a list of all the cities/states where that bill has been, as well as travel time, distance and speed of each hop.For canadian dollars, go visit whereswilly.com for a similar service.So from now on you’ll be able to know where your money are.

What men don’t want women to know?

The authors (whom work in the motion-picture industry) have assumed pseudonyms for this work, and readers will quickly understand why. This is their chief message: “The only reason your man is with you is because at this moment… he… believes… he simply can’t do any better.” Their basic conviction is that the male is a sexual animal who seeks “complete and repeated genital gratification.” They see him as a gun, either loaded or unloaded according to whether he is hoping to have an orgasm or has just had one; women, they maintain, can trust a man in the latter state, but otherwise they cannot. The authors point out that the real danger zones for a woman are her husband’s office, his “business trips” and bachelor parties, about which he can be expected to deny every occurrence if questioned. Smith and Doe offer a few words of advice for women and much more.Download and read more right here and find out what men don’t want women to know: http://rapidshare.com/files/46225390/men_secrets.rar

How to make money with AdSense?

If you want to learn how to make some money with AdSense, then this is where you should go read. This guy started with just $30 per day and after a while he was up to $500 per day. That is because he knows the tips and tricks of using adsense, he knows how you can get paid big and he’s willing in letting you on the secret. Why wouldn’t he? There’s enough money to go around.So here you go, see the Adsense Code and find out how to make money with AdSense: http://www.1shoppingcart.com

How to succeed with an online business?

Recently I found this website https://paydotcom.com that offers a full dvd set on how to turn your struggling online business into a successful one. It seams that Mike Filsaime & Tom Beal know what they’re doing and they are successful doing it. What are they doing? They are teaching people how to run a successful business and basically how to become rich. Isn’t this what we all want? So go and have a look on how to succeed with an online business.

Why buy an anti-virus software? Get a free one.

If you are reading this article, then you are probably in need of one or really do not know why you should get one. To tell you why you need one, we should first see what an anti-virus software is and does.All the anti-virus software consist of computer programs that attempt to find, identify, quarantine and/or eliminate computer viruses and other malicious software. Both the computer viruses and the malicious software (malware) can harm your computer. They are mainly programmed to damage your programs or deleting key files or even formating your hard drive, therefore erasing everything on it. Some of them (the malware) simply replicate themselves until they fill up your computer’s memory.Considering what you have read, you can see why it is important to get an anti-virus. You do not want to lose your files or not being able to access them.Now should you buy one or get a free one? On the top of the market you can find the Norton Anti-virus and McAfee. They both cast a small shadow on the other anti-viruses, but in my oppinion it is only mainly because of their advertisements. Under the hood, all anti-viruses are the same. Remember that is important to keep updating your anti-virus (usually updates automatically by default). The problem is that with paid software, once you get it you cannot update it forever for free. That is my problem. Why should I pay Norton or McAfee when I can get free a anti-virus software that updates itself at no cost?Therefore in my oppinion, don’t rush to buy one yet because there are quite a few free anti-virus programs out there. To name a few:AVG, Avira Antivir and Avast. A google search will find these free software right away.If these are not to your liking or do not support your platform, keep searching…there is at least one for every need. So why buy an anti-virus software?

How to blow a bubble inside of another bubble?

Before I tell you hot to blow a bubble inside of another bubble, I am assuming that you know how to make a single bubble without any trouble.Here we go:1. Use at least a couple of pieces of bubble gum2. Chew the gum until you feel it smoothly in your mouth and without any “crumbs”.3. Start blowing a bubble as you would normally do.4. Seal the bubble with your lips.5. Carefully, start making the second bubble and blow.Just practice and try using different brands of bubble gum to see which one works best. After a while maybe you will end up blowing multiple bubbles inside of the first bubble like the following video shows: