What do you know about the “Roman Emperor Trajan and the wolf” statue?

The statue, which is actually titled “Imperator Traianus” depicts the Roman emperor Trajan (Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus Augustus), in full nudity while “holding” a mash up animal composed of the body of the Capitoline Wolf and the head of the Dacian Draco. Vasile Gorduz, the artist of this statue, created three copies:
1.    One located in Sevilla, Spain
2.    One located in front of Academia di Romania in Rome, Italy
3.    The latest located on the steps of the National Museum of Romanian History in Bucharest, Romania.

The latter is a bronze cast made based on a plaster model of the artist. It weights ~ 0.5 tons with a height of 2.15 meters (7.05 ft) and it cost ~45,000 €

Personal point of view:
The news articles depicting the controversy surrounding the statue in Bucharest suggest it is not liked mainly due to the nudity. The Deutsche Welle, among others, even has the audacity to conclude that the “Romanian public cannot make the difference between a naked walking passenger and a statue“ (reference here). To add to the insult, Horatiu Pepine (the author of the article) is suggesting the “Romanian public still displays the outrage experienced by the first to art exhibitions of modernist, cubism surrealist, expressionist, etc.”. As always a reference is made to the foreign public which appreciated and accepted the statue as great art, enforcing the Romanian notion that if it is approved by a foreign, it is something good, dismissing the hypothesis that perhaps the natives of Bucharest have a deeper understanding of what great esthetics and art really are and that apparently these are not found in  Vasile Gorduz’s statue.

What is the highest temperature water can reach?

The highest temperature water can reach is 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit). At this point it begins to boil and transforms into vapour. It’s good to note that this temperature is based on the assumption that this water is located at sea level. If the altitude increases, the highest temperature that water can reach drops and if it decreases, it rises.

When can you spot a closer than usual Jupiter in the sky in 2010?

Starting today, Jupiter will pass 592 million kilometres (368 million miles) away from Earth and the only thing brighter in the sky will be the moon. Grab a pair of binoculars or a telescope and maybe you’ll even spot some of its moons too.Don’t be dissapointed if it will be cloudy as Jupiter will still be relatively close for the following few weeks.Then again, there will always be 2022 when Jupiter will be at a similar closer distance as well. Happy spoting.

How to use scented geraniums?

What are the most important product obtained from scented geraniums? Essential Geranium Oil – very expensive, very fragrant and intense used in perfumes industry to make perfumes, syntetic rose oil or fragrancing bath or body oils. Second usage is for decorative purposes: scented geraniums (aka scented pelargoniums) ennobles any garden with their exotic foliage, whether are planted in flower beds, hanging baskets or flower pots and their dried scented leaves with different shapes or textures are very appreciated in sachets and potpourri-es.What else can do with fresh leaves or flowers? If you know how to fit their taste and essences into your favorite recipes, you will appreciate their flavors in different dishes. Why is it a fragrant adventure to use their leaves in cooking? Because their diverse flavors: rose, lemon-rose, orange, apple, coconut, apricot, nutmeg, oak or champagne add an unexpected and mysterious touch to your homemade scented sugar, jelly, tea cake and/or syrup.

Who was Akbar?

Akbar was Babur’s grandson and he was the greatest of the Mughal emperors. He expanded the empire to cover most of northern India. His reign brought peace and prosperity. Although Akbar could not read or write, he encouraged philosophers, poets, artists, architects and musicians. He died in 1605. His son Jehangir and Jehangir’s son Shah Jehan enjoyed long and prosperous reigns. For the first time, the Mughals gained control of western India. Under Shah Jehan’s son Aurangzeb the Empire covered almost all of south Asia.

Who was Confucius?

Confucius was born in 551 BC during the rule of the Eastern Zhou dynasty. He was a teacher and a philosopher. He traveled widely, giving advice to different rulers and trying to convince them to be more caring towards their people. He believed in the family and in peace, truth and cooperation. He also believed that the king should be just and fair. The years of Confucius are known as the Golden Age of Chinese philosophy. His teachings were followed by generations of rulers and officials who governed China.

What is a ziggurat?

The Mesopotamians believed that their cities and towns were protected by gods. They built temples to these gods on top of large, pyramid-like structures called ziggurats. These were made of mud bricks and had between three and seven storeys. The ziggurat was often built at the center of the city.

What does shogun mean?

From 1192 until 1867, Japan saw a long period of peace under the Seii Tai shogun or shoguns, military dictators who ruled during that period. “Shogun” means “barbarian subduing generals”. Minamoto Yoshinaka was the first modern shogun, who came to power after defeating the Taira dynasty. The shogun rulers had loyal warrior servants known as samurai.Note: Samurai is from the Japanese word saburau, which means “to serve”.

Who is one of the winners of the Ig Nobel Prize?

Deborah Anderson is one of this year’s winners of the famous Ig Nobel prize (the annual award given by the Annals of Improbable Research magazine towards unusual scientific achievements). Anderson is an obstetrics and gynecology professor at Boston University’s School of Medicine. She and her team proved that Coca-Cola acts as a spermicide. Also, surprisingly enough, they have found that Diet Coke worked even better. Of course, Coke is still not recommended as a birth control method.

How to dispose of cooking oil?

I recently took part of a debate where the disposal of cooking oil was the main topic. It would not be advise to throw it down the drain because over time it could congeal and provide you with a major clog.If you have large quantities of cooking oil, take it to an oil disposal center. They will use it as an ingredient for the cow’s food and so forth or it will be turned into bio-diesel.Some of the other ideas I’ve heard:- put it in cans or jars and throw it with your garbage- freeze it and toss it out- save it and use it to light fires or barbeques in winter- add birdseed to it and feed it to the birds

What are the top 10 mad scientists?

The list was compiled by LiveScience.10. Johann Konrad Dippel – 17th-century alchemist, famous for his quest for elixirs of immortality.9. Wernher von Braun – the brain behind the rockets used in the early space and lunar exploration programs.8. Robert Oppenheimer – the head of the Manhattan Project.7. Freeman Dyson – came up with the idea of the Dyson Sphere.6. Richard Feynman – also part of the Manhattan Project and one of the most important scientists of the late 20th century.5. Jack Parsons – co-founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, called himself the Antichrist.4. James Lovelock – inventor of the world-as-superorganism Gaia Hypothesis, made a lot of true predictions about or current climate change.3. Nikola Tesla – inventor of the wireless radio and the AC generator, used his body as an electrical conductor in public demonstrations.2. Leonardo da Vinci – an inventor way ahead of his time; need I say more?1. Albert Einstein – theory of relativity, huge contributor to the gravitation and quantum theory.If you would like to know more fun fact about these scientists, let us know and we’ll satisfy your curiosities.

Why should you fall asleep before 12 a.m.?

Studies have shown that our cortisol levels are lowest before the 12 a.m. mark. The cortisol is a hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex. It helps the body cope with stress an inflammation. It also gets the body ready for the activities of tomorrow. So if we fall asleep before midnight, we will benefit from a higher recovery rate than if we were to fall asleep after 12 a.m.Every hour of sleep before midnight is almost twice as valuable as an hour after.So, don’t stay up late anymore.

How to print zno files?

If you have not heard of zno files, then you might have heard of Zinio Reader. If you have not heard of Zinio reader, I will tell you right now. Zinio reader is a piece of free software that lets you view digital books and digital magazine. The format of these books and magazines is the mentioned “zno”.The reader is nice in the digital sense because it lets you purchase digital versions of many of your desired magazines and also books. What’s the advantage of purchasing a digital version? The main advantage is that is is cheaper, sometimes half the price or more. What is the disadvantage? The main disadvantage is that you cannot print many of them.The people that have tried might had noticed that the papers that come out of the printer are all grayed out and the content is ineligible. So how do you go around this? Well there is a way, but it has a downside. The downside is that you get a transparent, gray watermark across the middle of the page, but it can be easily ignored. So, if the watermark is no problem for you, here is what you do:1. Open the Zinio reader with the desired book or magazine2. Press the print button and select Adobe PDF (you have to have Adobe Acrobat installed prior to this step)3. Choose the pages you want to print and press OK4. Zinio will output every chosen page to a single pdf file which would be more convenient to have in a single pdf, right? For that, open Adobe Acrobat and select File -> Create PDF -> From Multiple Files. and choose all those files in numerical order5. You will have all the desired pages from Zinio in a single pdf file and as you can see you will also have the dreaded watermark on every page.6. Unfortunately you cannot print these yet. The pages will still be grayed out if you try to print them. What you need to do is to just print them again to Adobe PDF7. Now you can safely print them (try to ignore the watermark).

How to X-ray an egg?

…without putting it in the x-ray machine. Well, you take a normal egg and hold it over an open flame so it forms ashes on its shell. When it is all covered by ashes (totally black), just drop it in a bowl of cold water. The ashes will dissolve and you will be able to see the insides of the egg, i.e. x-ray the egg.For better details, you can watch the following video:

How are waves different from tides?

Waves are caused by wind, while tides are the regular rise and fall of the ocean’s surface caused by the gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon on the water that is in the ocean. Waves are formed when winds blow over the surface of the ocean. Stronger winds create larger waves. The water in a wave normally moves in circles. As a wave approaches the land it is slowed down by the rising slope of the seabed, but it is the bottom portion of the wave that is slowed down. The top part of the wave keeps moving and collapses on to the shore as a breaker.

Who were the five good emperors of Rome?

The Five Good Emperors were Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius. They ruled ancient Rome between AD 96 and 180. They were called the Five Good Emperors because ancient Rome prospered the most under them. They were best known for their fair policies and good rule.

Where can you find info about your professor?

This website has been up for quite some time, but we thought it would be a good mention for anyone that hasn’t heard of it. Since classes will start in September it is time to choose your courses and set up your schedule at your college/university. Until now I am sure that many of you chose your courses in a way that would probably give you the most free time. Well, it would be a better idea if you were not to choose them according to mainly their time slots, but rather according to the professors that are teaching them. Here comes RateMyProfessors.com. It is a very useful website comprising of a database of over 1 million professors from more than 6,000 different schools. Simply search for the professor that is teaching the course you want to take and read to what others had to say about him/her, his/her teaching style, exams difficulty, etc. If you’ve taken a course with this prof before make sure you write your opinion as well (it’s all anonymous so don’t be scared to really say what you think – of course, be decent and diplomatic about it).You never know, just reading about your possible future professor might make you want to trade perfect time slot course for one that has a professor with a better teaching technique.

What are the answers to the Aug/13 IQ test?

We’ve received a lot of e-mails asking for the correct answers of the IQ test and many other people e-mailing us with their answers. For those who don’t know it, you can view the IQ test here. Keep in mind that we did not really see it as a fair IQ test, but we posted it because it seamed fun enough. Well, here are the answers with a short explanation:1. The correct answer was C) 1 hour. Why? Because from 8 to 9 there’s only one hour. The question is obviously flawed because it doesn’t specify am/pm or if it is on the same day or not. It would have obviously gave the answer away, but still I personally don’t think it was a suitable IQ question.2. This was a straight forward math question for which the answer was D) 70.3. For this one you had to light the match first, so D). I believe no further explanation is necessary.4. All cows die EXCEPT 9. The key word is except, therefore only 9 cows remain alive. The correct answer was C)5. This question was a bit ambiguous. It made you think of the months that only had 28 days, but it actually refers to all the months because they all have at least 28 days. Therefore the answer was 96.6. No, the guard is not entitled to his pension because dead people can’t receive a pension.7. Many people answered 2, but the right answer was 0. Why? Because it wasn’t Moses that built the ark, it was Noe. Yeah, this question is really not IQ material either.That was it. If you have any other IQ tests, send them our way and will try our best to post them. Cheers!

What is the difference between inline skates and rollerblades?

Inline skates are basically boots/shoes with a line of rollers fixed under each one. They usually have two to five wheels, all arranged on a single line. They must not be confused with the quad skates which have one pair of wheels in the front and one in the back.Now, what is the difference between them and the rollerblades? The Rollerblade is actually a brand name for this type of skates. Over time it became a generic name and soon transformed into a synonym for inline skates.