How many Americans die from cigarette smoking every year?

400,000 Americans die from cigarette smoking every year. The number might frighten you, but it should also make you want to quit if you are a smoker. It is your choice in the end, but remember that no one wants you to become one of those numbers.The “painting” you see on the left was created by Chris Jordan. It is made entirely from cigarette packs (200,000 to be more exact). It mimics one of Van Gogh’s most macabre paintings: Skull with burning Cigarette.

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What is your score on this IQ test?

Hello everyone. We got this intelligence test last week from one of our subscribers. I wouldn’t really call it an intelligence test as the questions are not very well constructed and one has nothing to do with intelligence. Nevertheless it might be fun to do. We’ll give you some multiple choice answers just to try to throw you off. Enjoy.1. You set your alarm clock for 9 and you go to bed at 8. How many hours do you sleep?A) 12 B)13 C)1 D)8 E)0 F)92. Divide 30 by 0.5 and add 10. What does it equal to?A)25 B)65 C)45 D)703. You enter a dark room, in your hand you are holding a match. There is no electricity, just a candle, a gas lamp and an oil lamp. What do you first light up?A)the oil lamp B)the candle C)the gas lamp D)the match Continue reading “What is your score on this IQ test?”

What is the largest volcano?

The largest volcano on Earth is the Mauna Loa in Hawaii. It rises 15,200 meters (50,000 feet) from its base which is under the sea level. Its elevation above sea level is 4,170 meters (13,680 feet).Your Ad Here

How old is USA?

The United States of America was officially established in 1776 on the 4th of July when the thirteen colonies declared independence from Great Britain. So that would make USA 232 years old in 2008.Happy Independence Day! Happy 4th of July!

What is the most popular beverage in the world?

This one is a tosser. Some sources say it is tea, some say it is the soft drink in general, some say it is coffee and a recent survey even says that beer is the most popular beverage in the world. Now how would you measure a beverage popularity (by how many drink it or by how often they drink it, etc) and over what period of time? Because of these issues the title for the most popular beverage in the world can change as frequent as on a daily basis. If we substitute the period of time as being an indefinite amount of time in the past then the title goes to water. Water will 100% come up as the most popular beverage in the world. On the second place it would be tea and then perhaps coffee falling on the third place.

Where does the word’tip’come from?

Apparently the plural of the word “tip” (as in the amount of money given to someone, such as a waiter, in return for service) was coined in an English coffee house in 1652. A sign reading “To Insure Prompt Service” (TIPS) was placed by a tin cup at its entrance. The customers who desired faster service and a better seat, would put a coin into this cup by the TIPS sign.

Where is the world’s longest bar?

Update: Apparently the New Bulldog bar does not exist anymore so the new world’s longest bar is in Put-In-Bay, Ohio. It is 405 feet and 10 inches long. Quite a bit shorter than the previous one.You can go have a drink on in at the Beer Barrel Saloon.Thank you Kevin!Old post:Thanks to one of our readers it has been pointed out that the longest bar in the world is now in Rock Island, Illinois. You can find it at the New Bulldog. It is 684 feet (or 208.5 meters) long. Indeed it is the world’s longest bar.Unfortunately we could not find any pictures of it. If you have one, please send it our way.

Why do cats like to sleep on your dirty laundry?

Have you ever caught your cat sleeping on the clothes you threw on a chair the night before, or maybe in your hamper? Well, cats seem to be fond of the smell of those they know well and that is why they love sleeping on a piece of clothing they find laying around the house. That is also why they like to sleep in bed on the same spot you were in before or on the chair you’ve just got up from. Yup, cats truly love the smell of their owners and that is why you might find them sleeping on your dirty laundry.

What to know about numerology?

Numerology is the study of the occult meanings of numbers and their influence on human life. The text on numerology was written by an MIT graduate that goes by the name of Matthew Goodwin.What do you do with numerology? Well, you can have a good chuckle or entertain yourself, but unfortunately many people take this seriously. So how does one apply numerology? Well basically number values are assigned to the letters in your name and by adding these with the numbers in your birth date, in a multitude of combinations (underlying MULTITUDE), a numerologist establishes your key numbers. Just as an astrological sign, the key number is interpreted ad the result is a complete description of your personal characteristics and what you should do with your life.Nevertheless we should not disperse numerology without an examination of its base theory, but again unfortunately there isn’t any. We just have to take numerologists’ word for it that it works even though we have no idea how it works or what it means that it “works”.Now the believers of numerology will ask: “Then how do you explain the accuracy of a numerologist’s readings?”. Well you may not even be aware of the selectiveness of your thinking. What do I mean? Read our other article about the Forer effect.If you still believe in Numerology, you can click here for a Numerology Report.

What is the Forer effect?

We have all experienced it when we were given a reading by a fortune teller, a palm reader or a psychic or when we were reading the horoscope one morning.The Forer effect is the tendency to accept that vague and general personality descriptions are uniquely applicable to oneself without realizing that the same descriptions could apply to anyone else.The Forer effect is named after psychologist B.R. Forer who discovered it. One day he gave a personality test to his students and without looking at their answers he gave each of them a personality evaluation. The students were then asked to evaluate this evaluation on a scale of 0 to 5 (with 5 meaning excellent accuracy). The class average was 4.26. This is quite high considering that the personality evaluation he gave to each of his students was the same. The test has been repeated hundreds of times with other psychology students and the average was still maintained around 4.2.So his subjects might say he could successfully read their character, but instead he proved that the people tend to accept vague and general personality descriptions as uniquely applicable to themselves.The most common explanations given today to account for the Forer effect are self-deception, wishful thinking, vanity and the tendency to try to make sense out of experience. People tend to believe things about themselves that are false, if at the same time they deem them positive or flattering enough. We tend to ignore what is not true and just consider the correct descriptions. Even if we are given vague data we try and make a clear picture out of it.I can go on and on about this, but I think this is sufficient for now.

What are trematodes?

Trematodes or are flatworms of the class Trematoda of the phylum Platyhelminthes. They have complex life cycles that usually involve a snail as an intermediate host. The definitive host of the adult worms, generally a mammal, acquires the parasite by ingesting an encysted form in a second intermediate host or on vegetation. Many species can infect humans, but most normally parasitize other mammals, and humans are accidental hosts.Note: Trematodes also go by the name of flukes.

Where should you make your home vegetable garden?

Are you considering creating a vegetable garden at home? If you have a yard you could start raising your own vegetables.So, when considering where to establish your home vegetable garden you should choose a place that has well drained soil and obviously convenient to the house. Make sure that garden area has full sunlight throughout the day in order for the vegetables to grow well. Try not to have any trees or shrubs nearby. They may block the sun and and they also compete with the garden plants for moisture and fertilizer.

Why go see the Imperial War Museum in London?

If you are on a trip in London and you are one of those people fascinated by war and weapons, then the Imperial War Museum is the one you should see. You can see a wide range of weapons and historic equipment, including a Battle of Britain Spitfire, a German one-man submarine (pretty tight), a Mark V tank, and a rifle once carried by Lawrence of Arabia. Other exhibits include coded messages, forged documents, espionage equipment from World War I to the present, and multimedia presentations about the blitzkrieg and trench warfare. The entire tour of the museum (which is located in a former insane asylum by the way) will keep you occupied for at least two hours.

How many aluminum cans are used in the US every minute?

There are 210,000 aluminum cans that are used in the US every minute. A staggering number, don’t you think? Too much soda goes into people’s bellies.Watch this “painting” made by Chris Jordan. It is made entirely from aluminum cans (106,000 to be more exact).

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What is the Garbage Warrior?

…or who is the Garbage Warrior? The Garbage Warrior is Michael Reynolds, a brilliant architect who created the radical sustainable housing. Imagine a house made out of garbage (old car tires, broken glass bottles, aluminum cans, etc), but which at the same time looks very modern. Wait that’s not all that is amazing about the houses designed and created by Michael Reynolds. His typical house heats itself, provides its own water, grows its own food (with some human tending of course), produces its own electricity and recycles its waste. You thought that was all? No…it can also be built anywhere. You can have it built in the middle of nowhere or on the slope of a mountain, your choice. You don’t need any power lines, sewage or roads. You don’t need to pay in order to live anymore.Watch Michael Reynolds and his group of builders battle the US bureaucracy in order to legally introduce radically sustainable housing in this documentary, Garbage Warrior.

What is a tachyon?

Sounds familiar? If you watched sci-fi programs or read Star Trek books, you might have come across “tachyon energy” a few times. So what is a tachyon?A tachyon is a theoretical particle or wave that travels faster than the speed of light. Tachyons only exist in a theoretical world where objects have negative mass and time goes backwards. It is an interesting concept, but also hard to grasp. So far there is no evidence for their existence.If you are into New Age stuff, you might have heard of products that have tachyons as their main ingredients. These New Age products can be anything from beads and belts to pillows and other products they are trying to sell to you. Some New Agers even claim that they know for sure tachyons exists and they can use them for their advantage. Others even state that they know of hi-tech motors that draw their powers from a tachyon field and so forth. Obviously there are no evidence for all these claims, mainly there are just people trying to sell books and ideas by falsely utilizing the tachyon concept.So now you know what a tachyon is. Don’t be fooled in buying products that state they are powered by tachyon energy.

What is the Richter scale?

The Richter scale is the logarithmic scale which is used to measure earthquakes. It was developed in 1935 by Charles Richter (hence the name) and Beno Gutenberg at the California Institute of Technology. This scale uses numbers from 1 to 10 to measure the intensity of an earthquake. Each increase of one point on the scale means a ten-fold increase in the strength of the earthquake. So a level 5.0 earthquake is ten times stronger than a level 4.0 earthquake. The Richter scale works by measuring vibrations around the epicenter of an earthquake.

How do snakes eat and digest?

Because snakes have a flexible lower jaw, they can open their mouths very wide and swallow prey that is wider than they are. Their skin also offers the needed elasticity for the prey to fit in. After a big meal, a snake moves very slowly, so that the prey can be digested. Digestion needs so much energy that some snakes, like the Mexican rattlesnake, increase their temperature by 14 °C (57 °F). Once digestion is complete, a snake excretes the hair and claws of its prey.Note: Snakes cannot digest plants.

How many primate species are there in the world?

There are more than 350 species of primates in the world, divided into two groups. Small to medium-sized primates, such as lemurs and lorises, have long whiskers and well-developed senses of smell and hearing. The rest of the primates, including humans, apes and other monkeys, are part of the “human like” category. This group consists of about 175 species. Most of these primates have flat faces and a poor sense of smell.

What are the Harimagadas?

A select group of Guanche women at the Canary Island of Tenerife who sacrificed themselves by jumping from a towering cliff into the sea. This act was meant to propitiate the sea-god and prevent him from sinking their island, as long ago happened to an ancestral kingdom. The ritual deaths of these virgins was an apparent recollection of and response to the destruction of Atlantis, which occurred approximately 600 miles north of Tenerife. Harimagadas translates from Old High German as “Holy Maidens”.

What was a crucible?

In medieval times the crucible represented the vessel in which the alchemists attempted to turn base metals into gold. It was usually shaped as a cup and made out of porcelain or inert metal. The crucible made out of inert metal was renowned for its endurance to strong reagents and high temperatures. Many tried to imitate its manufacturing process, but failed…and because of that reason it was yet a mystery to be solved. It turns out that an aluminium silicate known as mullite was used in its composition and this silicate was what gave it those specific characteristics. Of course, the alchemists did not know about mullite at the time, but nevertheless, they were the only ones knowing the secret formula of the crucible fabrication.