Who was Macaulay Culkin’s longtime girlfriend?

If you still remember “That 70’s show”, you will also remember Jackie Burkhart, played by Mila Kunis. While playing on the show, Mila Kunis started dating Macaulay Culkin, one of the most famous child stars of our time. Unfortunately, just like many Hollywood celebrities, their relationship did not last. In their defense, Macaulay Culkin’s and Mila Kunis’ relationship did last for seven (7) years.

What was the most popular short film at 56th Berlin International Film Festival?

Out of the 3,600 short films entered in the short film competition on the theme “food, taste and hunger”, the following movie surpased them all and won the title of the “most popular short film”.

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What are the top 10 most unpopular Holoween treats?

Trick or treat? Most people would prefer to do the “trick” before getting the following treats:+ Toothbrushes (people actually give out these but just to be sure don’t go trick or treating at the dentist office, unless you need some supplies)+ Raisins+ Candy corn+ Smarties and Necco Wafers+ Dum Dum lollipops+ Apples (this used to be one of the traditional treats)+ Tootsie rolls+ Wrapped hard candies+ Laffy taffy+ Anything fun-sized ( I do prefer some of them though)

Why can’t this weather girl stop laughing?

This woman is just getting ready to present the weather. As it turns out a technical glitch causes the image of a man to shortly pop up at the beginning of her presentation. Her usual routine takes a comical road as seeing that image makes her burst into laughing. Not only that, but she can’t stop from laughing!If you’re in for another chuckle, check out Why can’t this host stop laughing?

Who is the 4th member of the EZ Rock Morning Show?

For everyone living in or near Toronto and listen to the EZ ROCK 97.3FM every morning when you drive to work, then you should know they have announced their 4th member of the EZ Rock Morning Show. Read more below to see who it is:”97.3 EZ Rock has unveiled the mystery addition to its weekday morning show.The popular former CHUM-FM morning personality Rick Hodge has been announced as the fourth member of the all new EZ Rock Morning Show.Hodge joins fellow radio icon Humble Howard, spunky Canadian Recording artist Kim Stockwood,and EZ Rock’s own rising morning star Colleen Rusholme.The quartet provides a fresh alternative for commuters, the At Work crowd, and listeners looking for engaging talk and light rock favourites in the morninng.It’s a whole new dynamic and great new vibe. The brand new Morning Show officially kicks off after Labour Day, weekdays from 5:30 to 9 on 97.3 FM.”It seams that it’s going to be great. Can’t wait for the “premier” in September.Don’t forget to Check Out EZ Rock & Listen Online!

What is Sting’s real name?

Does it really say Sting on his ID? No, no it does not. Sting’s real name is Gordon Sumner. Yes, you read it right the first time, it is Gordon.He gained his nickname while playing with the Phoenix Jazzmen band. He was performing wearing a black and yellow sweater with stripes and apparently to the band leader, Gordon Solomon, he looked like a bumblebee. Therefore he started to be called Sting. Since then everyone calls him that, even his mother and children.

Where can you find the saved games for the Dash series?

Do you want to back up your saves for a Dash game? Depending on your operating system, here is where you can find your saves:

    + Windows XP: C:Documents and SettingsCurrent UserApplication DataPlayFirst+ Vista: C:UsersCurrent UserAppDataRoamingPlayFirst

Just replace the Current User with your actual user name and you will find the PlayFirst directory. Inside it you will have the names of all you Dash games installed (example: Dinner Dash, Fashion Dash, Wedding Dash, etc). Just copy the entire contents of the desired game folder in order to back up your saves and high scores.

Why don’t celebrity couples last?

Just to make this clear from the start, when I saw celebrity couples, I am mainly referring to celebrity couples for which at least one of them is an actor. As we all know there are quite a few celebrity couples that remain together forever. Most of the others fail, they eventually break up. Even if the couple is one of our favorites and they seem the perfect match for each other (take Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston for example). So why don’t celebrity couples last?There could be three main reasons: temptation by a person of the opposite sex, fame jealousy, and over publicity.Your Ad HereLet’s approach the first one: TEMPTATION! You’re thinking, why would it be more difficult for an actor/actress to resist temptation that for a non-famous person? Well, it shouldn’t be more difficult. In truth, there is really not much excuse for cheating. The only difference is that perhaps for an actor/actress the temptation is greater. Why? Well just because of the nature of their job. Most of the times, for quite a few good months of a year, they might have to work closely with a person of the opposite sex. The temptation can grow exponentially as they find each other acting together in romantic scenes or just by simply working with one another ten hours a day. Even if they won’t do anything, their partner might get jealous just by knowing his/her better half is working side by side with a hottie and this jealousy could also break their relationship.This brings us the the second one: FAME JEALOUSY!One of them could be more famous than the other and this could lead to fame jealousy. The one less famous could become jealous of the other’s greater success. It would be really stupid if that is the case, but it happens. Usually if the woman is more famous, the man may feel threatened or neglected.Now the third and final reason for why celebrity couples don’t last: OVER PUBLICITY!This is straight forward, the celebrity couple receives too much attention from the media. They become suffocated by it. Untrue rumors might spread about one of them and this could plant the jealousy seed in their mind. They could also be overly criticized as a couple and they just might not take it anymore and therefore break up. I’m sure you can think of tons of examples. Over exposure by the media is mostly never a good thing. If they are smart, they should keep their private lives away from the media’s eye.Why do you think celebrity couples don’t last?

What are the two big ads for Carlton Draught?

You must have all seen the first big ad of Carlton Draught that appeared in 2005. It is simply called “It’s a big ad!”.Watch two armies collide on a large battlefield in an epic battle. It’s worth watching. Very well made. You will appreciate its grandeur.Carlton Draught’s next big commercial has been featured recently in 2008 and now the the focus has been shifted towards the skies. It will make you laugh,

What is Madonna’s real name?

I bet the question crossed your mind. What is Madonna’s real name? Does she only have one name? Does it really only say Madonna on her passport or driving license?The answer is no. She does have a last name and that is Ciccone. yup, her name is Madonna Ciccone.

How would you rate the following belly dancer?

One of our loyal readers sent us this video clip of a Turkish belly dancer. She asked us what we thought and how good did we think she was. We thought she was a really good dancer, but we thought of letting our readers decide. So, what do you think? Is she a good dancer? Have you seen better? Drop us comments with other videos if you think they are better than this belly dancer.

What is the Viridian Room?

Anyone remember the The Crimson Room game we featured on WWHW a while ago? Well if you liked it, the Viridian Room is its sequel. Again, it is a point and click game and you just have to find a way to escape from this room you find yourself in. If you haven’t played its predecessor before, go ahead and do so. If you like a little bit of challenge and search & find type of a game, then give it a try.If you get stuck or you need a hint, post a comment. If you have solved it please do not spoil the game by posting the entire solution.Note: Please see the full article in order to access the game. Continue reading “What is the Viridian Room?”

Where to go play online billiards?

If you are an online billiard fan, then you can check out this website. It has cutting edge graphics that ads to the high level of fun and interactivity you will experience in a game. You can play the regular 9 Ball Pool, Billiards, or Snooker. You can even enter tournaments and have the opportunity to win some real cash. The website features a multi-language platform so you can play online billiards with people from around the world. If you have any questions, check out their technical support as they are very professional.

What to know about Arcade.itech dot com?

If you love Online Games then you should check out this website as it offers massively multi-player browser-based games. Just register for free and you will have access to their games. One of the most popular ones is Random Defense, a Tower Defense game with gazillions of active players. If you’ve never played this type of game before, you will get hooked and if you have, then you now what I am talking about. Stop working and go have a look at this website for some quality entertainment time.BuyBlogReviews.com

How to get paid for reviewing a post on this website?

It’s quite simple really. All you have to do is click on the title of one of our posts. At the bottom of the post you will see the “get paid to review my post” badge. If you click on it, you will have the choice to sign up with PPP. If you sign up by clicking this badge, a special opportunity will be created JUST FOR YOU. If you accept it, you will just have to write a short positive review of the post from where you clicked the badge and you will get paid $7.50. You can write it in 5 minutes or so. Making $7.50 in just 5 minutes is easy money.Make sure you sign up after clicking on the badge, otherwise you may not receive the special opportunity.Note: Our readers (whom signed up using our link) said they also had a $20.00 opportunity reserved just for them as well. So, you can now get $27.50 with minimal effort.

What to know about Precision Electronics Systems?

Precision Electronics Systems is one of the top Home Theater Design firms in Texas. This is a company from where I would be very glad to receive presents from. Really, they offer beautiful, top of the class home theater systems as well as speakers and cool enhancements. Here you can even get intercoms, central vacuums, multi-room home audio and home automation. You can turn your house into a high tech beauty. Imagine, getting the JBL cinema speakers, a Mitsubishi projector, an 110” HD screen then tap into the home automation by getting a remote control for your sound as well as your lighting and pretty much anything that runs on electricity.Check out their products because they have some nice free gifts that come with some of your purchases. They ship world wide.