What is the most expensive icecream in the world?

most expensive icecreamSince 2004 the Guinness Book of Records hold this icecream as being the world’s most expensive. This specialty from the Serendipity 3 Restaurant in Manhattan contains five balls of Tahiti vanilla ice cream, Madagascar vanilla, an edible gold leaf of 23 K and one of the most expensive chocolates in the world – Amed Porceleana.The price for a cup? $1,000!The questions is:”Is it also the tastiest icecream in the world?”Note: Wouldn’t that suck? Imagine you get to spend your savings on it, you take the first taste and….it doesn’t agree with your taste buds. Could you ask for a refund?

What is”shit coffee”Kopi Luwak?

Yes, north americans call it “shit coffee” or poop coffee! It is not a joke! This is indeed what Kopi Luwak is, a coffee extracted from the droppings of  a civete (a kind of mongoose) who lives in Indonesia, Asia.The civete eats the coffee fruit, which are not digested and excreted in faeces. Later, Indonesian labours gather it grain by grain, clean them well and fry them.This is then packaged and sold as the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world! Kopi Luwak, the shit coffee. Probably very tasty though…

What’s the most expensive sandwich in the world?

most expensive sandwichThe most expensive sandwich in the world – yes, there is such a thing! – is the von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich. This delicacy with three layers has the finest chicken (Poulet de Bresse, considered the fourth gastronomic wonder of the world!), ham, quail eggs and white truffles. It is sold in Cliveden, Berkshire and costs about $200. It has 1182 calories and is on the list of the “must taste ” for gourmet fanatics from all over the world.

What is the highest temperature ever recorded on earth?

The highest temperature ever recorded on earth was of 57.8 degrees Celsius (136 degrees Fahrenheit). It was recorded on September13th, 1922 in the city of Al Aziziyah, Libya. The reading is still considered controversial though as, at the time, the weather station was placed on a black tarmac which would have artificially amplified the air temperature around it.The second highest temperature ever recorded on earth, or THE highest if the above is dismissed, was recorder on July 10th, 1913 in Death Valley, USA and it was a staggering 56.7 degrees Celsius (134 degrees Fahrenheit).

How to find out what is your personality type?

Quickly select one of the nine images below to find out what is your personality type.Apparently these images were conceived by a psychologist and tested on a lot of people. Based on the received feedback, these images have been improved several times and re-tested until they became very accurate in determining someone’s personality type.

Here are the characteristics of each of the above images:

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Who is one of the winners of the Ig Nobel Prize?

Deborah Anderson is one of this year’s winners of the famous Ig Nobel prize (the annual award given by the Annals of Improbable Research magazine towards unusual scientific achievements). Anderson is an obstetrics and gynecology professor at Boston University’s School of Medicine. She and her team proved that Coca-Cola acts as a spermicide. Also, surprisingly enough, they have found that Diet Coke worked even better. Of course, Coke is still not recommended as a birth control method.

What are the top 10 mad scientists?

The list was compiled by LiveScience.10. Johann Konrad Dippel – 17th-century alchemist, famous for his quest for elixirs of immortality.9. Wernher von Braun – the brain behind the rockets used in the early space and lunar exploration programs.8. Robert Oppenheimer – the head of the Manhattan Project.7. Freeman Dyson – came up with the idea of the Dyson Sphere.6. Richard Feynman – also part of the Manhattan Project and one of the most important scientists of the late 20th century.5. Jack Parsons – co-founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, called himself the Antichrist.4. James Lovelock – inventor of the world-as-superorganism Gaia Hypothesis, made a lot of true predictions about or current climate change.3. Nikola Tesla – inventor of the wireless radio and the AC generator, used his body as an electrical conductor in public demonstrations.2. Leonardo da Vinci – an inventor way ahead of his time; need I say more?1. Albert Einstein – theory of relativity, huge contributor to the gravitation and quantum theory.If you would like to know more fun fact about these scientists, let us know and we’ll satisfy your curiosities.

Why can’t this weather girl stop laughing?

This woman is just getting ready to present the weather. As it turns out a technical glitch causes the image of a man to shortly pop up at the beginning of her presentation. Her usual routine takes a comical road as seeing that image makes her burst into laughing. Not only that, but she can’t stop from laughing!If you’re in for another chuckle, check out Why can’t this host stop laughing?

How to X-ray an egg?

…without putting it in the x-ray machine. Well, you take a normal egg and hold it over an open flame so it forms ashes on its shell. When it is all covered by ashes (totally black), just drop it in a bowl of cold water. The ashes will dissolve and you will be able to see the insides of the egg, i.e. x-ray the egg.For better details, you can watch the following video:

Where to go design your own Coke bottle?

If you are a Coke fan, you can now design your own Coke bottle. All you have to do is go to Coca Cola’s website and put your artistic gears into motion. There is no software to be installed, just have Flash enabled. They supply you with backgrounds, textures, stamps, shapes, etc. They are all customizable so you can change their colors, add shadows, borders and more. It does take some time to create a nice looking design, but it could become very popular. We will try to create our own when we have the time.Cheers!Note: You need an iCoke account, but it’s free to register.

How many Americans die from cigarette smoking every year?

400,000 Americans die from cigarette smoking every year. The number might frighten you, but it should also make you want to quit if you are a smoker. It is your choice in the end, but remember that no one wants you to become one of those numbers.The “painting” you see on the left was created by Chris Jordan. It is made entirely from cigarette packs (200,000 to be more exact). It mimics one of Van Gogh’s most macabre paintings: Skull with burning Cigarette.

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What is the largest volcano?

The largest volcano on Earth is the Mauna Loa in Hawaii. It rises 15,200 meters (50,000 feet) from its base which is under the sea level. Its elevation above sea level is 4,170 meters (13,680 feet).Your Ad Here

What is the most popular beverage in the world?

This one is a tosser. Some sources say it is tea, some say it is the soft drink in general, some say it is coffee and a recent survey even says that beer is the most popular beverage in the world. Now how would you measure a beverage popularity (by how many drink it or by how often they drink it, etc) and over what period of time? Because of these issues the title for the most popular beverage in the world can change as frequent as on a daily basis. If we substitute the period of time as being an indefinite amount of time in the past then the title goes to water. Water will 100% come up as the most popular beverage in the world. On the second place it would be tea and then perhaps coffee falling on the third place.

Where does the word’tip’come from?

Apparently the plural of the word “tip” (as in the amount of money given to someone, such as a waiter, in return for service) was coined in an English coffee house in 1652. A sign reading “To Insure Prompt Service” (TIPS) was placed by a tin cup at its entrance. The customers who desired faster service and a better seat, would put a coin into this cup by the TIPS sign.

Where is the world’s longest bar?

Update: Apparently the New Bulldog bar does not exist anymore so the new world’s longest bar is in Put-In-Bay, Ohio. It is 405 feet and 10 inches long. Quite a bit shorter than the previous one.You can go have a drink on in at the Beer Barrel Saloon.Thank you Kevin!Old post:Thanks to one of our readers it has been pointed out that the longest bar in the world is now in Rock Island, Illinois. You can find it at the New Bulldog. It is 684 feet (or 208.5 meters) long. Indeed it is the world’s longest bar.Unfortunately we could not find any pictures of it. If you have one, please send it our way.

What is the world’s largest foosball table?

This XXL foosball (see image on the left) table was created by Airworks for an Amstel beer commercial that would air during the European Champions league finals. It can accommodate 22 players, the same amount of players found in a real football (soccer) game. So pick one up, gather your friends and play as your favorite team in the upcoming Euro 2008 finals..

What to know about numerology?

Numerology is the study of the occult meanings of numbers and their influence on human life. The text on numerology was written by an MIT graduate that goes by the name of Matthew Goodwin.What do you do with numerology? Well, you can have a good chuckle or entertain yourself, but unfortunately many people take this seriously. So how does one apply numerology? Well basically number values are assigned to the letters in your name and by adding these with the numbers in your birth date, in a multitude of combinations (underlying MULTITUDE), a numerologist establishes your key numbers. Just as an astrological sign, the key number is interpreted ad the result is a complete description of your personal characteristics and what you should do with your life.Nevertheless we should not disperse numerology without an examination of its base theory, but again unfortunately there isn’t any. We just have to take numerologists’ word for it that it works even though we have no idea how it works or what it means that it “works”.Now the believers of numerology will ask: “Then how do you explain the accuracy of a numerologist’s readings?”. Well you may not even be aware of the selectiveness of your thinking. What do I mean? Read our other article about the Forer effect.If you still believe in Numerology, you can click here for a Numerology Report.

What is the Forer effect?

We have all experienced it when we were given a reading by a fortune teller, a palm reader or a psychic or when we were reading the horoscope one morning.The Forer effect is the tendency to accept that vague and general personality descriptions are uniquely applicable to oneself without realizing that the same descriptions could apply to anyone else.The Forer effect is named after psychologist B.R. Forer who discovered it. One day he gave a personality test to his students and without looking at their answers he gave each of them a personality evaluation. The students were then asked to evaluate this evaluation on a scale of 0 to 5 (with 5 meaning excellent accuracy). The class average was 4.26. This is quite high considering that the personality evaluation he gave to each of his students was the same. The test has been repeated hundreds of times with other psychology students and the average was still maintained around 4.2.So his subjects might say he could successfully read their character, but instead he proved that the people tend to accept vague and general personality descriptions as uniquely applicable to themselves.The most common explanations given today to account for the Forer effect are self-deception, wishful thinking, vanity and the tendency to try to make sense out of experience. People tend to believe things about themselves that are false, if at the same time they deem them positive or flattering enough. We tend to ignore what is not true and just consider the correct descriptions. Even if we are given vague data we try and make a clear picture out of it.I can go on and on about this, but I think this is sufficient for now.

How many aluminum cans are used in the US every minute?

There are 210,000 aluminum cans that are used in the US every minute. A staggering number, don’t you think? Too much soda goes into people’s bellies.Watch this “painting” made by Chris Jordan. It is made entirely from aluminum cans (106,000 to be more exact).

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What is a tachyon?

Sounds familiar? If you watched sci-fi programs or read Star Trek books, you might have come across “tachyon energy” a few times. So what is a tachyon?A tachyon is a theoretical particle or wave that travels faster than the speed of light. Tachyons only exist in a theoretical world where objects have negative mass and time goes backwards. It is an interesting concept, but also hard to grasp. So far there is no evidence for their existence.If you are into New Age stuff, you might have heard of products that have tachyons as their main ingredients. These New Age products can be anything from beads and belts to pillows and other products they are trying to sell to you. Some New Agers even claim that they know for sure tachyons exists and they can use them for their advantage. Others even state that they know of hi-tech motors that draw their powers from a tachyon field and so forth. Obviously there are no evidence for all these claims, mainly there are just people trying to sell books and ideas by falsely utilizing the tachyon concept.So now you know what a tachyon is. Don’t be fooled in buying products that state they are powered by tachyon energy.

What does this eye test tell you about your sex life?

The big question is, can you read what its written below? If you can’t, it means that you have a poor sex life. Don’t worry, this is not a serious eye test and in reality it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t see what it’s written from your first glance.

Eye sex test

Still can’t see it? Try to back away from the monitor and read it from a distance. It also works if you squint your eyes.