How to install Magento on Netfirms?

After a week of daily trial and error, I’ve almost given up with installing Magento onto Netfirms’ servers. I’ve tried installing using the downloader and the full realease with and without first installing the sample data. Nothing worked and I’m sure quite a few of you found yourself at the edge of frustration.There was another option left and this one seemed to work. I was going to install it via SSH. My optimism quickly failed as the “wget” and “./pear” functions were not allowed by Netfirms. I contacted Netfirms support to ask for more freedom via SSH so I can complete my Magento installation. Here was part of their reply:”Thank you for your inquiry.Regretfully, Magento application will not work properly on our shared server as it requires huge amount of resources to run it. We suggest signing up with our VPS hosting, Magento application will work on our VPS server.”Well, I wasn’t going to cough up ~$35 a month for that. I actually purchased another hosting plan with GoDaddy, but I haven’t been able to install it there yet either.Anyhow, the idea of not being able to install Magento onto Netfirms still haunted me. I gave it one last try and this one worked so here it is, step-by-step:(the solution is part of a paid service. Please contact us to purchase all the instructions) Go to and complete the installation wizard.Done! If you’re running into error pages with the installation wizard, be persistent and refresh the page and you’ll get to the end.Note: Magento does run a bit slow on Netfirms, but it runs.

How to export/import your links from/to WordPress?

Forget about troublesome plugins and database queries or any other cumbersome methods.Simply add wp-links-opml.php at the end of your blog url. This will display the contents of an OPML file which contains your links/ blogroll info.To import the file just go to Settings ->Tools-> Import -> Blogroll and paste the link into the required field.Note: Categories are not transfered. All links are imported into one specified category.

What to know about Web Hosting Geeks?

If you are in need of web site hosting service and you don’t know where to start, you can have a look at the Web Hosting Geeks. They offer a valuable Top 10 list with the best web hosts of 2009. You can check out the features, promotions and prices along with helpful reviews for each one of them. If their top 10 is not enough for you can go into specifics by checking out their php hosting category, best multi-domain hosting, best unix hosting, and so on. Most importantly, don’t forget to check out their best blog hosting category as well as the best budget hosting. If you’re looking for free domains, or hosting with free promotional advertising such as Yahoo Marketing or Google AdWords, again Web Hosting Geeks is the place to find those. You should not neglect their blog as they also offer valuable articles about web development, web design, domain names, e-commerce and many more.So if you need help making up your mind about a web hosting service, go ahead and check them out.Note: You can also check out the website if you want to add your own review on a web hosting service.

How is web search engine beneficial? is a high privacyweb search engine like I’ve never seen before. In one little simple tool it combines quite a few features. Some of my favorites are:1) Cash-back on lowest online prices – In these hard times, this feature definitely comes in handy. If you order a product online. Here’s how it works. Any product found on AAfter has a percentage of the product’s price coming back to you as cash if you order it though the site.2) Homework made easier – Simply type in your math, history or physics question and AAfter will give you back links to wikis, youtube, eHow and many other sites that will provide answers to your questions. Have any real life questions? AAfter can help you answer those too.3) Background check someone – Have you ever wanted to Background check your date or nanny? Well just simply enter their name in the search box and you should be getting back links related to them.Intrigued? Give it a try.

What to know about Google Chrome?

Today was the official launch of Google’s version of an internet browserm a.k.a. Google Chrome.By offering it on their simple, clutter free main page it could show that Google tries to push this product on the market as soon as possible and to probably start dominating or at least acquiring a large section of the market, really fast.Let’s see how it will go. There are definitely a lot of Google lovers out there and they will try it out.So, as one of the people that downloaded the browser (I am not necessarily a Google lover) I can share some of my opinions with you:1. Download time should be very fast for most users since it is only 465 Kb.2. The installation time takes a bit more.3. What I did not appreciate is that as soon as installation was finished it imported bookmarks, passwords from Internet Explorer without my approval. You can stop it while this transfer is done, but you have to be quick.4. The design stays true to Google’s main page, a.k.a. it is simple and efficient. All you have is the main browser with tabs, an address bar and a bookmarks button.5. I could not find how to organize the bookmarks.6. All the other functions (find, zoom, cut/paste, encoding, etc) are conveniently located on a single drop down menu.7. What I miss from Firefox and IE 7 in this new Chrome is the small search field in the upper right corner. I am really surprised they did not add this in Chrome, maybe in the next version?8. From a programming perspective, at a first glance, Google Chrome seems to respect the css rules so it shouldn’t be a hassle trying to satisfy the needs of yet another internet browser.

Why Google doesn’t play fair?

I recently found out that you can buy a PR6/7 link from Google for $2,990. Now, am I wrong or wasn’t link purchasing against Google’s policy? So, how does one purchase a link from Google? Simply by buying a Google Mini. You will not only get to use this device to search through your computer files with better accuracy, but you will also profit greatly by having an inbound link from Google.Do you want to see the websites that are currently in violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines? No problem, Google makes these available here. As you can see there are some reputable websites on that list, but there are also some dodgy ones that get to sit back and chuckle from the notion that their page rank will rise while other websites will put in some hard work to abide to Google’s rules.It seems that Google, whose motto is “do no evil”, doesn’t seem to adhere to its own rules.

What to know about Web Hosting Rating?

This web hosting rating website is a resourceful tool for anyone looking for a web hosting provider. It not just lists web host providers, their services and ratings, but also useful articles about web hosting. For example if you are looking for a cheap web host, a few of their articles give you some pointers in what to look for and what to avoid. On the same note you can find information on dedicated servers, Linux webhosting, cPanel Tutorials, scripting, security issues and more. So if you are interested in this kind of stuff go ahead and learn more about web hosting specifications through their articles and tutorials.

What is new in WordPress 2.6?

WordPress 2.6 was just released. It has some new, very useful features such as photo caption, gears, “press this”, post revisions and more. Watch the following video to see the new features, how they look like and how they function. We will be upgrading later today, so we will be offline for about an hour.

How can you use Google to search for secrets?

We have all discovered that Google can be an efficient searching tool, but how efficient? Is its efficiency becoming dangerous? Unfortunately Google makes it possible to not only display the publicly available internet resources, but also the ones that should never have been revealed.You can download the following pdf for free and read more about it. It basically provides you with a few query operations that combined with Google it can reveal sources of personal information and other confidential data. It also teaches you how to find, through Google, information about servers, systems, networking devices and more.For example filetype:ctt “msn” might give you the MSN contacts list of some people.There are about 10 pages in this pdf, filled with dangerous queries.Download it here.Has Google become a dangerous tool?

What to know about Bloggerwave?

Bloggerwave is the European version of a service that gets you paid for writing posts on your blogs. The registration, like most of these services, is free and simple and you can even add 6 blogs to your account. So if you want another way to make money, you can give this service a try too.

How to become a Rockstar Freelancer?

Well now, here is a resourceful book for anyone who want to become his/her own boss. The entire 212 pages of the book cover all you need to know from getting started to expanding your business. It’s written by Collis & Cyan Ta’eed – two successful entrepreneurs of the online world. They share their expert advice along with useful information and insights that will help you get the big bucks. You can purchase their “How to be a Rockstar Freelancer” book from their website “here” or straight from our website by clicking the Buy Now button below:Buy Now

How can you earn money for writing reviews? (part 3)

Yet another service that brings advertisers and bloggers together. Advertisers create opportunities for which a blogger writes an article. What is different with B.B.R. is that you can bid for an opportunity. The advertiser sets a budget for a review and you can bid for it. Of course most of the bloggers would put in the maximum value that the advertiser would accept, but if you afford to put at least a dollar less, you might have a better chance of winning the bid. Usually it will go back and forth between the advertiser and blogger. So you might as well put the maximum bid as most of the time the advertiser will come with a counter offer. That’s one of the downsides of this service: that it is a little bit more time consuming with the whole bidding process. The other downside I noticed is the length of the reviews you are required to write. A lot of them are around 300 words minimum and just for a price around $10. The third and final downside is that B.B.R. will subtract a 30% fee of the money you get for the review.Nevertheless, you can find some nice opportunities and have another source of income.Go ahead and sign up here.Check out our previous articles:How can you earn money for writing reviews? (part 1)How can you earn money for writing reviews? (part 2)

How can you get a better night’s sleep?

Here are some things you can do during the day to improve your sleep:+ avoid napping during daytime+ get some fresh air at least once a day+ exercising regularly (at least 10 minutes a day, but not right before going to bed)Here are some things you can do right before going to bed:+ have a nice warm bath+ drink a glass of warm milk or free-caffeine tea+ read a book+ go to the washroom so you won’t need to wake up in the middle of the nightHere are some things you should avoid:+ eating a heavy meal before bedtime+ caffeine, nicotine and alcohol consumption close to bedtime+ sleeping with the TV or radio on+ sleeping with the lights onNote: Try to keep a regular schedule for sleeping time, but also for meals and workouts.

How to get paid for reviewing a post on this website?

It’s quite simple really. All you have to do is click on the title of one of our posts. At the bottom of the post you will see the “get paid to review my post” badge. If you click on it, you will have the choice to sign up with PPP. If you sign up by clicking this badge, a special opportunity will be created JUST FOR YOU. If you accept it, you will just have to write a short positive review of the post from where you clicked the badge and you will get paid $7.50. You can write it in 5 minutes or so. Making $7.50 in just 5 minutes is easy money.Make sure you sign up after clicking on the badge, otherwise you may not receive the special opportunity.Note: Our readers (whom signed up using our link) said they also had a $20.00 opportunity reserved just for them as well. So, you can now get $27.50 with minimal effort.

What to know about the Information Gateway blog?

The Information Gateway is Andi Eko Nurhadiyanto’s blog. Technology is the main theme that can find in most of the articles. Technology is a broad topic and so are his posts. The written content you can find ranges anything from operating systems (Linux, Vista, Windows XP, etc), instant messengers and software to photoshop, rapidshare and VOIP. The other off topics include hot news, how to make money online, finance, vacation, stories, health, etc. For anyone using rapidshare, check out one of his articles as he describes how you can search through rapidshare files. Also, it tells you how to watch movies online for free and many more interesting stuff. The adsense, sm*rty and making money online category is also of great interest for anyone that want to make money off their blog.Go ahead and browse through the categories as you might find interesting news, how to-s, sufisms and of course, a great deal of technology related content.

What to know about Joseph Sator’s blog?

Joseph started this blog at the beginning of the year, 2008. He is currently in his second year in college and he loves to blog about anything. As he puts it, his blog is extending information through speeding highways. The topics you will find on this blog are very diverse. They range from anything from entertainment, fashion and news to internet related issues, computers, games, technology and more. You can find some useful reviews about websites, products and companies. In the gadgets section you will find info on the world’s first phone with a foldable screen. Since we love gadgets, this really caught our attention. It looks really spiffy in the image and it seams like a good competition to the iPhone.If you are interesting in reading about internet marketing, blogging or SEO, this blog has a few articles in those areas as well.Keep up the good work Joseph.

What can you find on NggaBlog?

This blog is a collaborative writing of a group of individuals. It is a World Community Blog. It really talks about everything…covering a bunch of topics such as food and health, education, automobiles, arts and celebrity, sports, technology and more. Also it provides some info on how you can make money in general. Either by becoming a beauty supply store owner, selling wine, selling on Ebay, or by monetizing your blog and so on. Some other interesting articles are the ones related to the blogger tools and tips. It gives you the buzz on some wordpress plug-ins, how to make your own online videos, how to write a polite e-mail and so on. So go check out this World Community Blog if any of these are appealing to you. I’m sure you’ll find something that will catch your eye.Hint: it provides info on how to join an online beauty contest and win a whooping $10.000.

What is the”I’m feeling lucky”button you find on google?

If you are looking for basic information, don’t know much about a topic, or are looking for a starting place, don’t bother with a full-blown search and making the effort to search through pages of results. Instead, you can use the “I’m feeling lucky” button.Just type a basic term, press the button and instead of being shown a list of results, Google opens thewebsite with the most relevant results for your search.

Where to go look for expired domain names?

All the good domain names seem to be taken, at least the simple, straight forward ones. Well, most of them are indeed taken, but there is good news. Any domain has an expiration date, right? Well, some owners choose not to renew a domain name they registered a while ago. The reasons for that are not important. What is important is that if you like that domain, you can get it. So where can you look for expired domain names?Network Solutions offers Domain Names with a lot of extensions to choose from. Well, there are other companies that offer domain name registration too, but this one offers something really cool and useful: expired domain names. What’s even better about it is that they have this nifty feature, a domain name RSS Feed which notifies you the moment the domain you want expires so you can get your hands on it really fast. All you have to do is enter the keyword(s) that you want to domain name to contain, start with, end with or just match. Then you select your favorite RSS readers and subscribe to the feed with it. The moment the domain that matches your criteria becomes available, you will get an e-mail informing you and you will be able to get it.

What is Dirmania dot org?

Dirmania dot org is a free web directory. If your business has a website (and most do) it would be beneficial to submit it to free web directory and if you are submitting it, why not to a free one? So what would be the benefits of submitting a website to the free web directories? For one, you will benefit from link popularity. How? Well you will increase one way links (you will submit your website, without having to place their link on yours) and therefore raise the possibility of increasing the page rank. Secondly you will get visibility for your website by lifting its exposure. So check out dirmania dot org, follow the instructions on the submission form very carefully and enjoy its benefits.

What to know about Bucks From Internet dot com?

Bucks From Internet dot com is a blog that tries to show its readers how to make money online. There are a bunch of articles written with advices and methods on how you can earn some money on the internet, either with your blog or through advertisements, etc. What I like about it is that besides offering tips on how to Make Money Online , it also has a section on scam sites. It provides a list of websites that are running scams. So next time you want to sign up with something and you are not sure about it, try and look for the website in this blog’s scam section.Besides making money online articles it also provides some development techniques and marketing advice.