How to properly open a .csv file in Excel 2010?

Most of the time, opening a .csv file in Excel 2010 does not pose any problems, but sometimes it looks something like in the screenshot here.

By default, the data fields in a .csv file are separated via a “,” (comma), but when they are separated by a “;” or a “|” or another character, it displays the contents within the A column of the spreadsheet.

There are two options:

1. Select the entire A column, go to Data->Text to columns->Choose the delimited option->Select your delimiter (“;”, or “|”, or “,”, etc.) and finalize the process. Most of the  time this method works.

2. This other method will ensure that any .csv files with a specific delimiter opened in Excel 2010 will be displayed properly. You can change this at any time if you change your mind and you want to keep the default “,” delimiter.
In Windows 7 go to Control Panel->Region and Language->Additional Settings->List separator. In here just replace the “,” with your desired character, usually “|”. Click OK and you’re set.

Be advised that the second option might create further problems as it also changes how other problems read delimiters and it definitely changes how Excel functions are written. It is recommended you change it back to “,” after you’re done with the .csv file.

How can I separate the first name from the middle names in Excel?

You can either use the text-to-columns function in Excel, or for better flexibility in separating the first name from the middle names, use the following functions:

Assume you have the first and middle name in the column A.

Then in column B display the first name: =IFERROR((LEFT(A1(FIND(” “,A1)-1))),A1)

In column C display the middle name(s): =IF(ISERROR(RIGHT(A1,(LEN(A1)-FIND(” “,A1)))),””,RIGHT(A1,(LEN(A1)-FIND(” “,A1))))


How to add a Facebook Like button on my website?

Simply go to and follow the very intuitive and user friendly Like button “wizzard”. After selecting your option it will generate a code similar to the one below:<iframe src=”;layout=button_count&amp;show_faces=false&amp;width=450&amp;action=like&amp;colorscheme=light&amp;height=21” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ style=”border:none; overflow:hidden; width:450px; height:21px;” allowTransparency=”true”></iframe>The only problem is that this will enable visitors to just Like the URL (usually the link to your homepage) that you have entered in the “wizzard”. If you want the Like button to reflect the URL of a particular page that they are on, then you have to do a bit of programming.It’s not hard, here is how you do it in PHP:Replace the URL which follows after “href” (in this case with the following code:<?php echo urlencode(“http://”.$_SERVER[“SERVER_NAME”].$_SERVER[“REQUEST_URI“]); ?>Copy/paste it in the file you wish to display your Facebook Like button. Make sure it is a php file.

How to delete a folder via SSH?

If you want to delete or remove an entire folder and its contents from your hosting server, you will usually do it via an ftp client like FileZilla. The problem arises if the the folder has a lot of subfolders and a lot of content, overall. It could take hours, while your FTP connection keeps droping.The easiest way is to delete the entire folder via SSH.Here are the simple steps to follow:1. Login into your server via your desired SSH client (ex: PuTTY)2. Navigate to the root of the folder you want to remove3. Type: rm -r -f folder_you_want_to_deleteDone!

How to export/import your links from/to WordPress?

Forget about troublesome plugins and database queries or any other cumbersome methods.Simply add wp-links-opml.php at the end of your blog url. This will display the contents of an OPML file which contains your links/ blogroll info.To import the file just go to Settings ->Tools-> Import -> Blogroll and paste the link into the required field.Note: Categories are not transfered. All links are imported into one specified category.

How to get rid of the error?

If you have Word 2003 installed, you might have came across this error. Sometimes it is just annoying to have it keep popping up, but sometimes the Word documents won’t even open because if it. The easier way to get rid of it is to insert the Office 2003 CD and have Windows install the needed files from it. What happens if you don’t have it though? Well, the process is quite simple and does not require a system restart.Go to Start-> and type REGEDIT. Press enter and browse to:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> Microsoft -> Office -> 11.0 -> DeliveryUnder delivery you should see the following key 90000409-6000-11D3-8CFE-0150048383C9Click on it and on the right side of the screen right click on the CDCache key and select Modify (in bold).Type 0 as the new value and click enter. This should now take care of your error.Cheers!

How can you get Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 software at a disocunted price?

Dragon Naturally Speaking is the best speech recognition software in the world. You can now sit down in your chair, never touch your keyboard and dictate your text and control your computer by giving it voice commands.Check out a fellow postie’s video and blog article about this software:

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Basic with Discount Coupon Code“Hello my name is Brett Bumeter and I write about Dragon Naturally Speaking at (Tip if you are looking for the details on the coupon codes scroll to the bottom of this article). I wanted to share this video with you showing a fellow blogger named Drew who is using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 for the first time. There are some interesting things that you will see in this video that I wanted to point out to help you get a sense of how Dragon NaturallySpeaking works and how it could potentially work for you.I think it’s important to see Dragon NaturallySpeaking, when people are using it and videos definitely help show you how well the software works these days. It’s extremely fast and can help you to type at 150 words per minute. You can see this in the demonstration that Drew has created as he is basically talking at a relatively normal speed. You will notice that he tends to look with his eyes to the right and up just a little bit.I mention this not because Drew is looking in some strange direction, but instead because Dragon NaturallySpeaking does use your brain in a slightly different way than what you may be used to. You have to think of the words you will say in your head and then speak it out loud. That’s a little different than when you think of a composition and type it out with your fingers or even more different than when you attempt to write with your hands using a pen and paper. All three activities use different sections of our brains.There used to be a time a decade ago when using Dragon NaturallySpeaking was more difficult because it would take a significant amounts of time to train the software. These days, the software can be trained in as little as seven minutes. The out-of- the-box experience with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 is flat-out amazing. That said, it will take you a little bit of time to train your brain or compose messages or articles or e-mails by speaking them out loud.You can type 150 words a minute using Dragon NaturallySpeaking and that’s typically 2 to 3 times faster than your average person can type. 2 to 3 times faster can save you a great deal of time and a great deal of money. This can enable you to spend more time with your family or be more productive at work and get more done and possibly a promotion or raise. Possibly the biggest benefit that you can experience is just staying on top of your workload with less effort.If you consider also that Drew is looking off to the right a little bit as he’s composing, I will share with you a hidden benefit of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. When you use Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you are not locked into a position physically, where you have to stare at your computer monitor all of the time. When you don’t have the light on your computer screen glaring in your face all the time, you experience a great deal less eye strain. The muscles in your eyes can relax more, as you look around the room and change your focal point. You would be amazed at how much extra energy this will give you as your eyes, and the muscles in your eyes don’t get worn out as fast as they would if you sit at a computer and type all day long.We often associate sore hands and fingers and wrists with typing, but typing also creates very sore eyes and can even lead to migraine headaches. Plus, it basically just makes you tired sitting in front of your computer. Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you can save a great deal of time and effort and keep your energy level high, because you’re not wearing out your eyes. With a wireless microphone headset like the one I’m using, you can even pace around your desk or exercise on a treadmill or bike machine while you write your emails!Best regards,Brett Bumeterwww.softduit.comPS I wrote this article with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 preferred. It took me about five minutes to write the words above, which are proximally 670 in length. That’s about 130 words per minute typing, and it only took me another minute or two to edit, which is still approximately 95 words per minute with editing included!Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Discount Coupon Code Details. Use this coupon code to get 25% off either Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred or Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Basic.DNSMSBGThe code only works when you click on one of the links in this article or the clickable image in this article! The discount enables you to save $25 – $50 off the price.”So how can you get 25% off Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred? Nuance is allowing us to offer our readers a 25% Discount Coupon CODE Exclusive for Dragon Naturally Speaking, but you must click the image above and use this code (DNSMSBG) Together. Code will not work from other sources.If you are a Mac user you can get 10% off MacSpeech Dictate and start taking advantage of it.Don’t forget, click on the following link and Save 25% on Dragon Naturally Speaking with Coupon Code

What to know about onlineBeta?

The purpose of onlineBeta is simple: it makes the connection between volunteer beta testers and upcoming products in development. How can you become a volunteer beta tester? Simply register here for free. Once you become a tester you can you can sign up for any product testing you wish to.The products you might be testing could be either software or hardware based. Don’t worry, onlineBeta will take care of all shipping and retrieval costs.You might be asking yourself: “what will I get out of this?”. There will obviously be incentives such as final products, gadgets, gift cards and more.So go ahead and sign up now.

What to know about Google Chrome?

Today was the official launch of Google’s version of an internet browserm a.k.a. Google Chrome.By offering it on their simple, clutter free main page it could show that Google tries to push this product on the market as soon as possible and to probably start dominating or at least acquiring a large section of the market, really fast.Let’s see how it will go. There are definitely a lot of Google lovers out there and they will try it out.So, as one of the people that downloaded the browser (I am not necessarily a Google lover) I can share some of my opinions with you:1. Download time should be very fast for most users since it is only 465 Kb.2. The installation time takes a bit more.3. What I did not appreciate is that as soon as installation was finished it imported bookmarks, passwords from Internet Explorer without my approval. You can stop it while this transfer is done, but you have to be quick.4. The design stays true to Google’s main page, a.k.a. it is simple and efficient. All you have is the main browser with tabs, an address bar and a bookmarks button.5. I could not find how to organize the bookmarks.6. All the other functions (find, zoom, cut/paste, encoding, etc) are conveniently located on a single drop down menu.7. What I miss from Firefox and IE 7 in this new Chrome is the small search field in the upper right corner. I am really surprised they did not add this in Chrome, maybe in the next version?8. From a programming perspective, at a first glance, Google Chrome seems to respect the css rules so it shouldn’t be a hassle trying to satisfy the needs of yet another internet browser.

How to print zno files?

If you have not heard of zno files, then you might have heard of Zinio Reader. If you have not heard of Zinio reader, I will tell you right now. Zinio reader is a piece of free software that lets you view digital books and digital magazine. The format of these books and magazines is the mentioned “zno”.The reader is nice in the digital sense because it lets you purchase digital versions of many of your desired magazines and also books. What’s the advantage of purchasing a digital version? The main advantage is that is is cheaper, sometimes half the price or more. What is the disadvantage? The main disadvantage is that you cannot print many of them.The people that have tried might had noticed that the papers that come out of the printer are all grayed out and the content is ineligible. So how do you go around this? Well there is a way, but it has a downside. The downside is that you get a transparent, gray watermark across the middle of the page, but it can be easily ignored. So, if the watermark is no problem for you, here is what you do:1. Open the Zinio reader with the desired book or magazine2. Press the print button and select Adobe PDF (you have to have Adobe Acrobat installed prior to this step)3. Choose the pages you want to print and press OK4. Zinio will output every chosen page to a single pdf file which would be more convenient to have in a single pdf, right? For that, open Adobe Acrobat and select File -> Create PDF -> From Multiple Files. and choose all those files in numerical order5. You will have all the desired pages from Zinio in a single pdf file and as you can see you will also have the dreaded watermark on every page.6. Unfortunately you cannot print these yet. The pages will still be grayed out if you try to print them. What you need to do is to just print them again to Adobe PDF7. Now you can safely print them (try to ignore the watermark).

What to know about the new Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte?

Dear rich people,This is the phone for you. At a mere price of 1100 euros (or roughly 1700 CAD/USD), Nokia promises to deliver a new Nokia 8800 phone that stays faithful to its roots and traditions. The new Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte is made out of carbon fiber with 3D patterns decorating the exterior just enough to give it a very distinctive personality.Besides its well known features such as the turn-to-mute and the tap-tap screen for time it also comes with a whooping 4GB internal memory. Some of its other features include a 3 megapixel camera with auto focus, as well as 3G support, Bluetooth and microUSB.Advice: Wait at least a couple of month for the price to drop!

What is a nice iPod docking system? (part 1)

Some people were asking for suggestions on what would be a nice docking system for their new iPod touch or iPod phone. The truth is that there is an over abundance on the market for all iPod gadgets, even for docking systems. In my opinion the way to minimize your selection is by first establishing what you want from your docking system then by looking at the quality of the product and then the price. So by applying this technique, my first review will be about an ipod docking system that also serves as an alarm clock. It is called the iH41. As you can see from the picture it is nice to use with the iPod touch / phone series as it is designed to take advantage of the iPod Touch’s both regular and wide screen. This way you can position your iPod to watch a movie right before you go to bed or flip it vertically to listen to your favorite song when you wake up. The nice thing about it is that when you turn it horizontally or vertically, the clock positions itself to match.Besides all the usual features of a regular alarm clock it also features an expanded bass and Reson8 speaker for a clearer sound. It also comes with a remote control to easier access different functionalities.Dimensions: 6.7″ W x 6.2″ H x 3.4″ DPower: AC Power AdapterCost: $79.99Note: It works with other iPods as well.

What is the TouchWall?

The TouchWall is a new interactive surface from Microsoft. It is similar to the well known and amazing Microsoft’s surface. The difference of technologies is very different though. The surface uses cameras to sense what is on the table, where it is and what it is doing and uses that to interact with yourself and the objects on it. TouchWall is made of a projector, a camera and three infrared lasers that scan its surface. The camera notes when something breaks through the laser line and feeds that information back to the Plex (software that runs TouchWall, which is built on a standard version of Vista). Because of this later technology, it is a lot simpler mechanism (with more limitations, obviously, than the surface), but a lot cheaper to produce too. Where as the surface can end up costing $10,000, the TouchWall will only be a few hundred dollars.So what can you do with the TouchWall? As you can better see from the video below, it is mainly aimed to be used during presentations. You can zoom in, zoom out of spreadsheets, interact with media components, or even draw on it.Check out the video where Bill Gates demonstrates the TouchWall:

How to create a printer share in XP?

If you have a home network, it is very helpful to be able to use a printed from every computer in the network. To be able to do so you will have to create a printer share. Just follow these simple steps:

    1. On the computer you have designated for the network server, go to Start-> Control Panel-> Printers And Faxes.2. Right-click the name of the printer you want to share and click Sharing.3. In the printer’s Properties dialog box, click the Sharing tab.4. Click Share This Printer and click OK.5. You are done!

If you have more than one printer you want to share, you can just repeat this process.

How to install an external keyboard to your laptop?

If you are using an USB keyboard, then it should just be plug-and-play. Just plug in the keyboard in an empty USB slot and your operating system should automatically install the drivers for it. If not, it will ask for the driver. You will find it on the CD that came with the keyboard.If you are using a PS2 keyboard with an USB adapter, you should plug in the keyboard when your laptop is turned off. If you plug it in when it is running, there are almost no chances for that external keyboard to be recognized.

How can you stay organized by using the”Forget Me Not”widget?

Are you one of those persons who handwrites paper notes with phone numbers, appointment dates, to do lists, etc. and then pin/post them on different places in your office. If you are, then you will see that there will come one sunny day when you will ran out of space. Even if you won’t, you might want to switch to their digital counterpart.You can now stay organized by using the Forget Me Not widget. It was created with the help of the Yahoo! Widget engine aka the Konfabulator. It is basically a virtual “post it note”. You can open multiple notes on your desktop and for better visualization you can assign a different color to each one. The notes will be saved automatically so even when you re-open the program, their content will still be there.If you want to save some paper or want to stay organized, go ahead and download the FREE widget. Open as many “Forget Me Nots”, stick them anywhere on your desktop and enjoy.Note: So far, there have been over 33,000 downloads.

Why every product of the Apple Inc. starts with i…?

Have you ever wandered why every product of the Apple Inc. starts with an i (as in iPod, iMac, iBook etc.)?Well, it all started with the iMac. According the Apple Inc, the “i” in iMac stands for “internet”. They joined the “i” and the Mac together in order to emphasize the connection of the two and the easiness with which an iMac user can setup and connect to the internet.Apple later adopted the “i” prefix across its other hardware and software brands, becoming a nice branding idea that would make the customer think right away of Apple.So why is the iGoogle called iGoogle? Do they have the same reason?No, there is obviously no connection between iGoogle and Apple and the “i” does not stand for “internet”. For those who do not know, the iGoogle is Google’s version of the personalized homepage. Therefore the “i” before the Google just simply stands for I (the pronoun used to refer to oneself).

Where to go find new or refurbished hardware for your IBM AS/400, iSeries and i5?

You can find pretty much any type of hardware for you IBM AS/400. iSeries and i5 at Performance Data Resources. Simply go through their product categories and find everything you need. Don’t forget to check out the IBM iSeries eServer as it provides exceptional performance, flexibility and performance. You can take a look into the used ones as they are obviously more affordable but as reliable as the new ones. Performance Data Resources’ website provides useful information on all their devices and helpful guides. Besides selling hardware, their technical staff also provides support of everything from setup device address to complex system tuning and troubleshooting. They have an experience of over 17 years and though all this time they always left their customers satisfied with both their products and knowledge.

What is the new technological Microsoft surface computing?

If you have not seen this yet, you will definitely be amazed…maybe even shocked. Microsoft is coming out with this incredible table surface (or surface computing as they call it) that allows you to interact with it without the use of a mouse. Well, now you’re thinking: “you mean a touch screen?”. No, it is a lot, lot more than that. Just go have a look. Any comments are welcomed.This item can already be seen in bars and restaurants as the end of 2007. They will be available for commercial use in 2010 at the earliest.Imagine having this surface computing as your coffee table, or counter top in your own home. You will probably say bye, bye to your regular computer.

How to extend your desktop to a new monitor?

If you are often using your computer for work, then it may be a good idea to get a second monitor. Of course, in order to install the second monitor, you need a video card with 2 video connectors.Having a second monitor allows you to extend your desktop and have a lot of extra usable space. The applications for this are numerous. You can open the HTML editor on your left screen and see the output in an internet browser on your right screen; you can have a pdf open on your right screen and write an e-mail about it on your left screen, etc. This way you will save a lot of time from switching between different programs.So, without further a due, here are the steps on how to extend your desktop to a new monitor:Windows XP

    1. Click the Start button and choose Settings -> Control Panel.2. In the Control Panel, double-click Display to open the Display Properties dialog box and click the Settings tab.3. Click the monitor icon representing the monitor you are adding to your system.4. Place a check mark in the Extend My Windows Desktop Onto This Monitor check box.5. Click OK.

Windows Vista

    1. Click the Start button and choose Control Panel.2. Click Personalize, then click Display Settings.3. Click the monitor icon representing the monitor you are adding to your system.4. Place a check mark in the Extend The Desktop Onto This Monitor check box.5. Click OK.

Note: You can also extend your desktop to a TV.Note2: When purchasing the second monitor, it would be a good idea to be similar to the one you already own (if not exactly the same) so that you would have the same color configuration and aspect ratio.

How to protect your iPod?

If you have bought an iPod, you probably paid good money for it and you would want to protect your investment with some ipod cases. Most of you end up getting one of those bulky cases for it. What you should get instead is the invisible shield. It is made from an unique material that was originally created for the military. It is now custom made for your iPod and it protects it all. With this protection, your iPod will look as new all the time.