Where is Bahrain?

Bahrain started to appear in the news lately and quite a few people have started asking where Bahrain is.As you can see from the map (if you have a good eye sight or you zoom in) the Kingdom of Bahrain is composed of an archipelago located in the Persian Gulf. Its closest neighbours are Saudi Arabia on the west and Quatar on the south-east.

Why do you need travel insurance to travel to Cuba?

Well, if you only have US citizenship, you don’t need it. You don’t need it because you can’t go there.If you’re passport comes from any other country then you need to get travel insurance or buy a legal policy when you arrive (careful, it can cost you up to $3/day). This new measure has been turned into a law in February, 2010 and it came into effect on May 1st, 2010.Happy travels!

Why go to Morey’s Piers?

If you are looking for a nice, fun gateway to a great Jersey Shore beach vacation then this is a place you should stop by. Here you could find the largest amusement piers in the world. With over 100 park rides and attractions, there will be something to make every one happy. You’ll be able to choose from games such as “fool the guesser”, hi-striker, softball pitch, ring toss, fortune wheel, darts, pool, and many more, along with a bunch of arcades and slot machines. You could keep winning points that can be redeemed for beach towels, toys, cd players, TVs, and more. My favorite attractions are the waterparks. The Ocean Oasis waterpark is a little bit more adult oriented with amenities such as cabanas & huts, hammocks, massage therapy services, concierge service and more. Nevertheless it also has some great family activity programming. The children could play in the Bonsai Beach area while the adults could relax in the Water Lilies or take a plunge on the Shotgun Falls drop slides. There is something for everyone. The same thing can be said about the Raging Waters theme park. Shipwreck Shoals, Rocket Raft, Speed Slides, Fountain Pool, Sky ponds Journey, Rope Swing and many more. Don’t they all just spell “fun” to you? You will not want to go home. Unfortunately, your body will eventually get tiered.If you’re looking for a hotel in order to have your entire vacation planned around Morey’s Piers, you could check out their website. They offer a variety of information on fun things to do in New Jersey such as dining, group events and of course in depth detail on their amusement rides and waterparks. If you need to find a place to stay, also check out their website as it is the best place to find hotels & motels in Wildwood.Don’t forget that they have a sale that runs December 1 through January 9 on which you can save nearly 40% on a Season Pass to BOTH waterparks.

What does Hawai’i mean?

The question refers to the word Hawai’i (not the islands themselves). It is a Hawaiian word derived from Sawaiki, the believed Proto-Polynesian language. The word itself has a reconstructed meaning of “homeland”.Of course, down the line the island group was perhaps named Hawaii for that reason, because to its settlers it became their new homeland, Hawai’i.

Why go see New York City?

There are a lot of things to do in New York. It is a metropolitan area filled with history, culture and joy of life. There are so many places to see that not even a week will be enough. So you should always concentrate on the main visiting spots. Obviously everyone heard of the Statue of Liberty, and trust me, it is worth seeing. It is quite a climb up to the top (I’ve had my share of climbing), but it is worth it once you get there. Same with the Empire State Building building, but you will be carried up there by an elevator instead. I remember when I first saw it I was amazed by this architectural monument. The view from the top is also fantastic. I had the craziest experience up there. Anyone, remember “Sleepless in Seattle”? Well, that morning I separated from my parents and just like in the movie, we met up there about an hour before closing time. Of course, I was not lost or as young as the boy from the movie, but still it was a nice story.Anyhow, back to the Big Apple. You shouldn’t miss the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You can see thousand of years of history, all under one roof. From the Neolithic period until the American Revolution, from Greek art to modern art, there is something for everyone.You should definitely go take a walk on the famous Broadway and maybe even catch one of their famous plays. Go take a stroll down Central Park, Little Italy, Chinatown, Times Square and many, many other beautiful and exciting places and cultural spots. If you want to catch your share of celebrities, go to the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.For additional information and online travel guides you can visit “Trusted Tours & Attractions”. Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter for a chance to win a $150 iTunes gift card.P.S. If you are renting a car you could also drive to Boston (around 4 and 1/2 hours). On the same note as New York, there are plenty of things to do in Boston.

How to get a $51 room per night at Excalibur, Las Vegas?

Did you always want to go to Las Vegas and stay at a fabulous hotel on the Strip? I bet you did, but it always seamed too expensive, right? Well, this summer you can get your chance. Hotel Excalibur (the one with the castle theme) is offering an incredible promotion and you can hear about it here at WWHW! Between August 7, 2008 and December 23, 2008, you can get a room for only $51 a night. It is even cheaper than a motel room. Not only you get a great price, but you also get a $25 food and beverage credit and 2-for-1 tickets to Tournament of King’s dinner show. In order to receive this deal, go to Excalibur’s website and enter the following code when booking: “XBOTH2“.You can get this deal on Sunday – Thursday nights.Do you want a greater deal? By entering “BOTH” code you can get a room midweek for only $41. The only thing you’ll be missing is the 2-for-1 tickets and the food credit, but if you don’t care about them, this is definitely a good deal.Both deals end on August 20th.

Where is the world’s longest bar?

Update: Apparently the New Bulldog bar does not exist anymore so the new world’s longest bar is in Put-In-Bay, Ohio. It is 405 feet and 10 inches long. Quite a bit shorter than the previous one.You can go have a drink on in at the Beer Barrel Saloon.Thank you Kevin!Old post:Thanks to one of our readers it has been pointed out that the longest bar in the world is now in Rock Island, Illinois. You can find it at the New Bulldog. It is 684 feet (or 208.5 meters) long. Indeed it is the world’s longest bar.Unfortunately we could not find any pictures of it. If you have one, please send it our way.

Why go see the Imperial War Museum in London?

If you are on a trip in London and you are one of those people fascinated by war and weapons, then the Imperial War Museum is the one you should see. You can see a wide range of weapons and historic equipment, including a Battle of Britain Spitfire, a German one-man submarine (pretty tight), a Mark V tank, and a rifle once carried by Lawrence of Arabia. Other exhibits include coded messages, forged documents, espionage equipment from World War I to the present, and multimedia presentations about the blitzkrieg and trench warfare. The entire tour of the museum (which is located in a former insane asylum by the way) will keep you occupied for at least two hours.

What to know about Advantage Rent A Car?

Advantage Rent A Car is obviously, as its name implies, a car rental company. With over 40 years into business it provides its services to more than 150 US locations and 130 international. Their fleet includes a numerous selection of cars of all sizes and types. It would be impossible not to find one that fits your style and needs. If you want to rent a car, you can first go and check out their website and take a look at their car selection. For each car you can see its specifications, where to rent it from and how much it would cost you. The car reservation can then be done through the internet without any hassle. Don’t forget to check out their special offers section of the website as it provides their current savings and specials.

What is there to see in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is definitely one of the most ultra-modern cities in Asia. One of the most incredible sights is the harbor view. What makes it even more incredible is the symphony of lights that has been dubbed as the “largest permanent light and sound show”. Basically 44 buildings of both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon light up and enable some nice musical effects that add to the vibrancy of the event; (you can get a better sight by booking a nice harbor cruise). Your visit should not miss the museums of art, heritage, history, space and science. A great way of experiencing this cultural kaleidoscope is to purchase a low-cost weekly museum pass. If you are in a rush, you can get on a nice tour. You can have your choice between a heritage tour, the Feng Shui tour (mainly see the modern part of the city) and the traditional lifestyle tour. To book your trip, check out theFlights to Hong Kong in order to plan your vacation.

Where to check out more info on Labuan island and photography?

Saifulrizan is a nice loving guy that adores photography, his Holga (one of his photo cameras), his family and of course Labuan island. He is currently running a blog containing info about the Labuan island and his interest in photography. Most of the pictures depict the life and scenery of Labuan island through the eyes of a local, himself. I mean, what is the best medium to describe a place, its people and traditions if not through a photograph?The following words: photography advertisement labuan island tourism travel asia malaysia, are a but a brief summary of what this blog contains. If you are passionate about photography, you should take a look at some of the articles he’s written about different apparatus. Checking out his photos might even provide you with some inspiration for your future projects or just sit back and admire his stile and the different aspects of Labuan island.

Why go see Boston?

I spent my spring vacation down in Boston. It really was one of the greatest spring vacations and it is all owed to the city. Here is a little bit about Boston and a few reasons why you should go see it:Boston is a traditional, but trendy city with a lot of character from the colonial times. It was a pivotal place in the birth of America and its style, atmosphere and people invoke that passion in its visitors.The city is relatively small, easy to navigate, but nevertheless there are a lot of things to do in Boston. If you are a museum kind of a person then you can’t miss the Museum of Science, the MIT Museum why not…visit the Sports Museum to see New England’s sports heritage. If you want a taste of history you can’t miss the JFK Presidential Library and Museum or seeing the 16 historic sites (Old State House, Trinity Church, Granary Burying Ground, etc) of the colonial Boston.The Museum of Fine Arts, the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum, the Institute of Contemporary art and the three Harvard Art Museums can’t be missed for someone who appreciates art.If you would like to take a stroll through the city you can’t miss the Waterfront District (you can see where the Bostonians dropped the tea in 1768), the Cambridge area (and check out Harvard and MIT), the North End (Italian district) and the Theater District (restaurants, bars, pubs and theaters all mingling with each other).To speed things up you can take advantage of the “old town trolley tours” for a very informative, fun and unique experience.

How many countries make up North America?

Answer corrected by “usaisadump”:North America is made up of these countries: Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba (Netherlands), Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda (UK), British Virgin Islands (UK), Canada, Cayman Islands (UK), Clipperton Island (France), Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Greenland (Denmark), Grenada, Guadeloupe (France), Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Martinique (France), Mexico, Montserrat (UK), Navassa Island (USA), Netherlands Antilles (Netherlands), Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico (USA), Saint Barthélemy (France), Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin (France), Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France),Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands (UK), USA, U.S. Virgin Islands (USA).

Why go see Dubai?

There are many reasons why you should go see Dubai. You will see the old and the new, the modern world and history joined together. You can emerge in the past by visiting the Al Bastakia Area, a famous building constructed by masons or one of the largest and most beautiful mosques, Jumairah Mosque. If you are only visiting for a few days, you should visit the Dubai museum. Since you will definitely go shopping, you should visit their Souks (Arabic word for market).Their new skyscrapers are amazing, but the most famous one has to be the Burj Al Arab. If you are looking for adventure you can try the desert safari or the wild wadi. If you like races you are in for a treat with their camel and horse racing or by just visiting their autodrome.These are only a few reasons to go see Dubai. You can plan your vacation through DialAFlight.com or just check for the next flight to Dubai. Just call and speak with one of their travel agents and have your vacation to Dubai tailored for you.

Why go visit the city of Ojai, California USA?

Ojai is a small town in southern California (in Ventura County). Even if it is a smaller city, it holds many charms. It is the perfect location for artists such as musicians, painters and writers. There are so many beautiful and serenely locations that you find yourself at peace and you let inspiration flood you. It is the perfect place to get away from the big city fast-paced lifestyle that most of us live in every single day.You can find a lot of delightful artistic expression in their Ojai Center for Arts, Summer Art Stroll, Art in the Park and a couple of other events as well as other numerous galleries. If you like some golfing, you can do that too as it has one of the top 25 golf resorts in North America. Besides golfing there are a lot of other outdoor activities you can engage in as well as incredible restaurants and shops. So, go check out the flights to USA and book your next ticket for California. Have a great vacation!

Where is Canada’s longest bar?

The bar has 103.5 meters (340 feet) in length and runs part of the length of Lulu’s Roadhouse (which is a bar, a restaurant, a dining room, as well as a nightclub complex). It is located just off Highway 401 outside Kitchener, Ontario. It has been attested by the Guinness Book of Records as the longest bar in the world, but others have taken its place since then.Do you know where is Canada’s second longest bar in the world? Same place! Lulu’s Roadhouse has a second bar which is about 91 meters (300 feet).

Why go to the NFR? (2008)

For those of you who have not attended many rodeos in the past, NRF stands for the National Finals Rodeo. It is the premier championship rodeo event in the US. Wrangles Jeans is the sponsor for it, so you might have heard it as Wrangles NFR. Anyways, as I was saying it is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) rodeo even in the entire country. You could say that NFR is for rodeo what the World Cup is for soccer or the Super Bowl is for American football. The event takes place over a span of 10 days and there’s something for everyone. They have bareback riding, steer wrestling, team roping, tie down roping, bull riding and quite a few other events. Just being there and watching the agility of the riders is just absolutely amazing. Any of these wonderful events can take you by surprise if this is your first time attending a rodeo, but nevertheless you are taken by surprise in a good way. This big event is held in December in Las Vegas, at the Thomas & Mack Cente. If you are interested, you should already start looking for National Rodeo Finals tickets because they can get sold out pretty fast. My friend went two years ago to this event and he said that any seat in the 105, 106 and 107 section are quite good, but then again, pretty much any seat in the house will offer you an unique experience.

Why go ski on Mt. Hood?

First of all, that is where the official site of the National Alpine Ski Camp, which hosts some of America’s top ski educators. Second of all, there are a lot of other activities to choose from besides skiing, such as rock climbing, kite boarding, whitewater rafting and much more.You can even head out to Mt. Hood, OR during the summer, in June, July or August and still be able to ski. If you require training in order to end up skiing as a professional, there are several awesome programs that they offer, both in the autumn and summer seasons. Go ahead and check out their training videos and photo gallery.

Why go and visit Toronto?

If you have not heard of Toronto, then I do not believe you. Well…if you did, but you do not know much about it, carry on reading.Toronto is the capital of the Ontario province. It stands tall and beautiful on the northern shore of Lake Ontario. This city is the centre of culture, life, commerce and communication in Canada. More than 100 cultures come together to bring you incredible cuisine, shopping and art that you will not see anywhere else. How to get there? Simply check out some flights to Toronto and get on the earliest plane. You can go and see the CN Tower, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Hockey Hall of Fame, the Toronto Music Garden, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Market Gallery and many, many other attractions. Don’t miss it! You can check out DialAFlight.com traveling company to start planning the vacation of your dreams. Search hotels, flights, car hire and many travel ideas, straight on their website. Just call and speak with one of their travel consultants to ensure that all requirements are fulfilled and so you can be sure that the entire trip will be exactly like you wanted it to.

Where was the first skyscraper?

As you might have guessed, it was in the United States. Tall buildings were called skyscrapers as early as the 1880s. They were built on a steel structure and had central heating, electrical pumps and lifts. In 1890, Major William Le Baron Jenney and Louis Sullivan built the first skyscraper in Chicago. This was the Home Insurance Building. It had ten floors, including the basement. Two floors were added in 1891. Skyscrapers could house so many people that they changed the way people lived and worked.

Where is the world’s largest log building?

Château Montebello is a resort hotel built on the north bank of the Ottawa River at Montebello, Quebec. It is often called the world’s largest log cabin or building. About 10,000 red cedar logs, transported by the CPR from British Columbia, were used in the construction of the star shaped log cabin which was opened on 1 July 1930. The architect gave the log building a modified French château style. Originally called the Seignory Club, it is now a resort hotel with a full complement of facilities suited for government and business conferences.Note: On its grounds may be found the historic home of Louis-Joseph Papineau, a leader in the Rebellion of Lower Canada.