Why go to Blueberry Lake Resort?

Only 25 minutes north of the ski runs of Mont Tremblant, Quebec, you will find the Blueberry Lake Resort which is located in one of Canada’s most beautiful landscapes. The resort itself is comprised of 55 log cabins displaced among 300 acres of private forest land. Even though the location provides a very rustic and peaceful atmosphere, you have the amenities and the luxuries you deserve. The cabins have panoramic windows that offer views which take your breath away, huge stone fireplaces, large balconies, optional Whirlpool bath, a packed kitchen, desktop PC, high-speed internet, full entertainment centre, BBQ and even an outdoor hot tub. All these are reasons to never get out of your cabin, but if you do you can take advantage of a personal spa experience or dine in their fantastic restaurant. All these seem too good to be true, so please check out these luxury hotels Quebec.Blueberry Lake Resort is a good choice for a getaway regardless of the season.

Why attend the Houston Rodeo Concerts or Rodeo Events?

There are a lot of answers for this question, but the one that sums it all up is: “So you can have an awesome time”. If you have not heard of the Houston Rodeo events, well it represents a 21-date concert series that starts on March 3rd. The tickets already went on sale on January the 12th so hurry up and start purchasing those tickets.I would personally suggest getting tickets for the field sideline seats on either the east or west side of the stadium. My friend has been on one of the 100s section (somewhere in the middle) and judging from his pictures and story telling he had a really good view. Of course, if you afford to go all the way, go for the front chutes or action seats. Either way, anywhere you would sit you would be attending a really good event – either being a rodeo or a concert (I personally prefer the concerts).They have a pretty awesome lineup this year which includes Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana), Rascal Flatts, Fergie, Brooks & Dunn, Toby Keith, Pat Green and many, many others.Go ahead and get those Houston Rodeo concert tickets. You could really make a great day out of it. Go watch one of the best concerts, see a great rodeo, visit the livestock and horse shows and maybe even go for the carnival. Then you will be the one telling others why they should attend the Houston Rodeo Concerts and Rodeo Events.

What car service to use in New Your City?

If you are planning to go to New York City (or if you are lucky enough to live there already) and you are wondering how to commute…well, forget about the subway, bus or taxi. You should enjoy yourself, get rid of the hassles caused by public transportation or the inconveniences of a taxi…instead take advantage of the Dial 7 car and limousine service. They offer over 450 vehicles with a large fleet of select cars s such as Mercedes Benz, Lincoln Town Cars, Cadillac Luxury Sedans and luxurious limousines and SUVs. Dial 7 provides a door-to-door, 24/7 service. So next time you go to the airport, take advantage of their limousine service JFK.I mean, after all, Dial 7 wasn’t touted as “the best ride in town” by New York Magazine for nothing.

What is the world’s tallest building?

If you thought that the world’s tallest building is the CN Tower from Toronto, Canada, then you are right (for now). Its world record for the tallest building will be replaced by Burj Dubai Tower which will be 2 meters more than the CN Tower. Therefore the record will be set by the 555 meters (1,831.5 feet) tall building. It will be completed next year so until then the number of storeys is unknown, but nevertheless it will be the tallest building in the world.