What do you know about the “Roman Emperor Trajan and the wolf” statue?

The statue, which is actually titled “Imperator Traianus” depicts the Roman emperor Trajan (Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus Augustus), in full nudity while “holding” a mash up animal composed of the body of the Capitoline Wolf and the head of the Dacian Draco. Vasile Gorduz, the artist of this statue, created three copies:
1.    One located in Sevilla, Spain
2.    One located in front of Academia di Romania in Rome, Italy
3.    The latest located on the steps of the National Museum of Romanian History in Bucharest, Romania.

The latter is a bronze cast made based on a plaster model of the artist. It weights ~ 0.5 tons with a height of 2.15 meters (7.05 ft) and it cost ~45,000 €

Personal point of view:
The news articles depicting the controversy surrounding the statue in Bucharest suggest it is not liked mainly due to the nudity. The Deutsche Welle, among others, even has the audacity to conclude that the “Romanian public cannot make the difference between a naked walking passenger and a statue“ (reference here). To add to the insult, Horatiu Pepine (the author of the article) is suggesting the “Romanian public still displays the outrage experienced by the first to art exhibitions of modernist, cubism surrealist, expressionist, etc.”. As always a reference is made to the foreign public which appreciated and accepted the statue as great art, enforcing the Romanian notion that if it is approved by a foreign, it is something good, dismissing the hypothesis that perhaps the natives of Bucharest have a deeper understanding of what great esthetics and art really are and that apparently these are not found in  Vasile Gorduz’s statue.

What is the most expensive icecream in the world?

most expensive icecreamSince 2004 the Guinness Book of Records hold this icecream as being the world’s most expensive. This specialty from the Serendipity 3 Restaurant in Manhattan contains five balls of Tahiti vanilla ice cream, Madagascar vanilla, an edible gold leaf of 23 K and one of the most expensive chocolates in the world – Amed Porceleana.The price for a cup? $1,000!The questions is:”Is it also the tastiest icecream in the world?”Note: Wouldn’t that suck? Imagine you get to spend your savings on it, you take the first taste and….it doesn’t agree with your taste buds. Could you ask for a refund?

What is a natural remedy for a toothache?

First of all, don’t ignore a toothache. You should go visit a dentist as soon as possible as you don’t really know what is causing the aching. If you are having an infection, it could easily spread and cause even bigger problems.This natural remedy should only be used if you’re just in pain waiting for your next day appointment. So, what’s the natural remedy for the toothache? Simply a couple of drops of clove oil on your aching tooth and surrounding gums and/or padding it with a smashed garlic clove. It has quite the antibacterial properties. If you think it would help, you can crush a couple of cloves, leave them for 15 minutes and then put them in a sealed bag in the freezer for a couple of hours and use that to soothe your toothache too.

What is”shit coffee”Kopi Luwak?

Yes, north americans call it “shit coffee” or poop coffee! It is not a joke! This is indeed what Kopi Luwak is, a coffee extracted from the droppings of  a civete (a kind of mongoose) who lives in Indonesia, Asia.The civete eats the coffee fruit, which are not digested and excreted in faeces. Later, Indonesian labours gather it grain by grain, clean them well and fry them.This is then packaged and sold as the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world! Kopi Luwak, the shit coffee. Probably very tasty though…

What’s the most expensive sandwich in the world?

most expensive sandwichThe most expensive sandwich in the world – yes, there is such a thing! – is the von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich. This delicacy with three layers has the finest chicken (Poulet de Bresse, considered the fourth gastronomic wonder of the world!), ham, quail eggs and white truffles. It is sold in Cliveden, Berkshire and costs about $200. It has 1182 calories and is on the list of the “must taste ” for gourmet fanatics from all over the world.

What is the highest temperature water can reach?

The highest temperature water can reach is 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit). At this point it begins to boil and transforms into vapour. It’s good to note that this temperature is based on the assumption that this water is located at sea level. If the altitude increases, the highest temperature that water can reach drops and if it decreases, it rises.

What is the highest temperature ever recorded on earth?

The highest temperature ever recorded on earth was of 57.8 degrees Celsius (136 degrees Fahrenheit). It was recorded on September13th, 1922 in the city of Al Aziziyah, Libya. The reading is still considered controversial though as, at the time, the weather station was placed on a black tarmac which would have artificially amplified the air temperature around it.The second highest temperature ever recorded on earth, or THE highest if the above is dismissed, was recorder on July 10th, 1913 in Death Valley, USA and it was a staggering 56.7 degrees Celsius (134 degrees Fahrenheit).

What is Starbucks’new logo?

Starbucks new logoStarbucks unveiled their new logo, a few months short of their 40th anniversary. As you can see, the new logo drops the Starbucks Coffee word marks surrounding the mermaid, hoping to join the big league of companies such as Nike, Apple, Playboy, etc. that only rely on an icon to invoke brand awareness.Howard Schultz, the chief executive of Starbucks, describes the reason of the logo change in a video on Starbucks’ website.The new logo will start rolling out in March, unless the company will be faced by the same opposition that GAP encountered when they unveiled their new logo last year.

What to know about Web Hosting Geeks?

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What was the most popular short film at 56th Berlin International Film Festival?

Out of the 3,600 short films entered in the short film competition on the theme “food, taste and hunger”, the following movie surpased them all and won the title of the “most popular short film”.

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What happens if a country goes bankrupt?

I am certainly not an expert on this issue, but a few of the following things will happen:1. The currency of that country would collapse and it would be worth less than the paper the money are printed on.2. Economic output would decline dramatically.3. The retail and service sector would be decimated.4. High unemployment rates5. The price of imports would increase since the currency of the bankrupt country would be worth less to nothing.6. Financial assistance would not be available from inside the country.7. A serious decline in the standard of living.

What to know about Sierra Adventure Gear?

What to know about Sierra Adventure Gear:This California based website offers all the essentials for exciting outdoor adventures. You can find everything from First Aid equipment to high performing headlamps to lightweight, warm sleeping bags. I was browsing around on the net for a camping stove and found the Brunton burners quite impressive. Sierra Adventure Gear also a line of backpacks by Maxpedition Gear. The Jumbo Versipack looks pretty cool, like something durable enough for the outdoors but also cool enough for Burning Man. However, as for tents, the one that really appeals to me is the Texsport bivy shelter tent. I figure it’s a good buy for when I go hiking or on a climbing trip. This is also one of those sites I think I would recommend to my dad or mom. They offer a variety of camping electronics that would accompany car campers for more luxury, relaxed trip. Or perhaps stuff to gift as Christmas presents this Christmas to outdoorsy friends. Who couldn’t use another multipurpose tool. Emergency packs and compasses also seem like good presents for the extreme adventure type. Anyways, check out this site! I just got a wicked deal on a expedition pack!

What is a ziggurat?

The Mesopotamians believed that their cities and towns were protected by gods. They built temples to these gods on top of large, pyramid-like structures called ziggurats. These were made of mud bricks and had between three and seven storeys. The ziggurat was often built at the center of the city.

What does shogun mean?

From 1192 until 1867, Japan saw a long period of peace under the Seii Tai shogun or shoguns, military dictators who ruled during that period. “Shogun” means “barbarian subduing generals”. Minamoto Yoshinaka was the first modern shogun, who came to power after defeating the Taira dynasty. The shogun rulers had loyal warrior servants known as samurai.Note: Samurai is from the Japanese word saburau, which means “to serve”.

What to know about onlineBeta?

The purpose of onlineBeta is simple: it makes the connection between volunteer beta testers and upcoming products in development. How can you become a volunteer beta tester? Simply register here for free. Once you become a tester you can you can sign up for any product testing you wish to.The products you might be testing could be either software or hardware based. Don’t worry, onlineBeta will take care of all shipping and retrieval costs.You might be asking yourself: “what will I get out of this?”. There will obviously be incentives such as final products, gadgets, Amazon.com gift cards and more.So go ahead and sign up now.

What are the top 10 most unpopular Holoween treats?

Trick or treat? Most people would prefer to do the “trick” before getting the following treats:+ Toothbrushes (people actually give out these but just to be sure don’t go trick or treating at the dentist office, unless you need some supplies)+ Raisins+ Candy corn+ Smarties and Necco Wafers+ Dum Dum lollipops+ Apples (this used to be one of the traditional treats)+ Tootsie rolls+ Wrapped hard candies+ Laffy taffy+ Anything fun-sized ( I do prefer some of them though)