What are good study snacks?

We all know that studying is making you hungry. Some people it is just an excuse to take a break from studying, but actually your body is starting to crave food because of the effort and stress that you are getting involved. We mostly crave carbs because the brain needs glucose (blood sugar) to stay sharp and alert. It uses glucose for energy. We all tend to eat candies, chips, popcorn, etc, but it’s not such a good idea. What they do is just give you a quick energy rush that is not lasting. So what are some good study snacks? Well you should eat fruits and vegetables instead(like you haven’t heard that before).So what would be some good examples?Apples – slice them nice and you can even add some peanut butter for a fancier treat.Cheerios – just munch on these and they will do you good.Grapes – healthy snackMini carots – those are fun to eat.

What men don’t want women to know?

The authors (whom work in the motion-picture industry) have assumed pseudonyms for this work, and readers will quickly understand why. This is their chief message: “The only reason your man is with you is because at this moment… he… believes… he simply can’t do any better.” Their basic conviction is that the male is a sexual animal who seeks “complete and repeated genital gratification.” They see him as a gun, either loaded or unloaded according to whether he is hoping to have an orgasm or has just had one; women, they maintain, can trust a man in the latter state, but otherwise they cannot. The authors point out that the real danger zones for a woman are her husband’s office, his “business trips” and bachelor parties, about which he can be expected to deny every occurrence if questioned. Smith and Doe offer a few words of advice for women and much more.Download and read more right here and find out what men don’t want women to know: http://rapidshare.com/files/46225390/men_secrets.rar