What to know about Dymo labeling products?

I barely remember my first day in the second grade, but I know there was a lot of confusion in the classroom. Why? Many of us had the same pencil cases, binders and of course paper bag lunches. There were a lot of “Johnny head in the air” kids and after the 10 minute short break they didn’t know where they were supposed to sit so they just took the seat that had their pencil case in front of them. Of course, those weren’t their pencil cases, they were just similar, so arguments started to quickly arise between confused children…The reason why I brought this up is that if those products would have been labeled, the chaos would not have happened. So, what to Dymo have in store for you? Obviously labels and label makers. What would those be useful for? To bypass confusion, of course. Well, you can do a lot with them. You could label your lunch boxes or bags, even use different Color labels for different days. Use them for the gym clothing, sporting equipment, books, binders and even toys. The former can easily get lost…having a label with your kid’s name on the bottom of it will definitely help.Any other uses outside school? Of course. Use it to organize different items from your kitchen (such as spices), label your tool boxes, your files, your mail and more. A label makes would have its use if there’s anything you want to organize. If you want more tips and advise, go check out their website. If you want to buy one, check them out because they have a lot of products for home, office or industrial uses.

What are the top 10 mad scientists?

The list was compiled by LiveScience.10. Johann Konrad Dippel – 17th-century alchemist, famous for his quest for elixirs of immortality.9. Wernher von Braun – the brain behind the rockets used in the early space and lunar exploration programs.8. Robert Oppenheimer – the head of the Manhattan Project.7. Freeman Dyson – came up with the idea of the Dyson Sphere.6. Richard Feynman – also part of the Manhattan Project and one of the most important scientists of the late 20th century.5. Jack Parsons – co-founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, called himself the Antichrist.4. James Lovelock – inventor of the world-as-superorganism Gaia Hypothesis, made a lot of true predictions about or current climate change.3. Nikola Tesla – inventor of the wireless radio and the AC generator, used his body as an electrical conductor in public demonstrations.2. Leonardo da Vinci – an inventor way ahead of his time; need I say more?1. Albert Einstein – theory of relativity, huge contributor to the gravitation and quantum theory.If you would like to know more fun fact about these scientists, let us know and we’ll satisfy your curiosities.

What does”mahalo”mean?

Mahalo is a Hawaiian word used to express one’s gratitude, respect or admiration. Mainly it is used to say “Thanks”, but it is also used as a form of goodbye. Same as the word Hawai’i, it is believed to come from Sawaiki, the believed Proto-Polynesian language. It’s original version was “masalo”.

What to know about Google Chrome?

Today was the official launch of Google’s version of an internet browserm a.k.a. Google Chrome.By offering it on their simple, clutter free main page it could show that Google tries to push this product on the market as soon as possible and to probably start dominating or at least acquiring a large section of the market, really fast.Let’s see how it will go. There are definitely a lot of Google lovers out there and they will try it out.So, as one of the people that downloaded the browser (I am not necessarily a Google lover) I can share some of my opinions with you:1. Download time should be very fast for most users since it is only 465 Kb.2. The installation time takes a bit more.3. What I did not appreciate is that as soon as installation was finished it imported bookmarks, passwords from Internet Explorer without my approval. You can stop it while this transfer is done, but you have to be quick.4. The design stays true to Google’s main page, a.k.a. it is simple and efficient. All you have is the main browser with tabs, an address bar and a bookmarks button.5. I could not find how to organize the bookmarks.6. All the other functions (find, zoom, cut/paste, encoding, etc) are conveniently located on a single drop down menu.7. What I miss from Firefox and IE 7 in this new Chrome is the small search field in the upper right corner. I am really surprised they did not add this in Chrome, maybe in the next version?8. From a programming perspective, at a first glance, Google Chrome seems to respect the css rules so it shouldn’t be a hassle trying to satisfy the needs of yet another internet browser.

What does Hawai’i mean?

The question refers to the word Hawai’i (not the islands themselves). It is a Hawaiian word derived from Sawaiki, the believed Proto-Polynesian language. The word itself has a reconstructed meaning of “homeland”.Of course, down the line the island group was perhaps named Hawaii for that reason, because to its settlers it became their new homeland, Hawai’i.

What to know about Web Hosting Rating?

This web hosting rating website is a resourceful tool for anyone looking for a web hosting provider. It not just lists web host providers, their services and ratings, but also useful articles about web hosting. For example if you are looking for a cheap web host, a few of their articles give you some pointers in what to look for and what to avoid. On the same note you can find information on dedicated servers, Linux webhosting, cPanel Tutorials, scripting, security issues and more. So if you are interested in this kind of stuff go ahead and learn more about web hosting specifications through their articles and tutorials.

What to know about the new Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte?

Dear rich people,This is the phone for you. At a mere price of 1100 euros (or roughly 1700 CAD/USD), Nokia promises to deliver a new Nokia 8800 phone that stays faithful to its roots and traditions. The new Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte is made out of carbon fiber with 3D patterns decorating the exterior just enough to give it a very distinctive personality.Besides its well known features such as the turn-to-mute and the tap-tap screen for time it also comes with a whooping 4GB internal memory. Some of its other features include a 3 megapixel camera with auto focus, as well as 3G support, Bluetooth and microUSB.Advice: Wait at least a couple of month for the price to drop!

What to know about Auto123 dot com?

If you are a car lover, then this is the website for you. Auto123 strives to deliver the latest automotive market data to its readers. You can easily browse through new and used cars or you can find cars according to your budget. For example if you are looking for one of my favourites, the 2008 BMW M3 Cabriolet, simply choose the BMW as the car maker, select your desired year, model and then you’ll get all the details for it. You will even see the colors this car is available in. If you are looking in buying a used car make sure you read their tips & tricks for some useful information. Anyhow, there is something for any potential buyer on this website so go check it out. Don’t forget to join their Auto123 contest as you get a chance to win a $5000 vacation.

What are the answers to the Aug/13 IQ test?

We’ve received a lot of e-mails asking for the correct answers of the IQ test and many other people e-mailing us with their answers. For those who don’t know it, you can view the IQ test here. Keep in mind that we did not really see it as a fair IQ test, but we posted it because it seamed fun enough. Well, here are the answers with a short explanation:1. The correct answer was C) 1 hour. Why? Because from 8 to 9 there’s only one hour. The question is obviously flawed because it doesn’t specify am/pm or if it is on the same day or not. It would have obviously gave the answer away, but still I personally don’t think it was a suitable IQ question.2. This was a straight forward math question for which the answer was D) 70.3. For this one you had to light the match first, so D). I believe no further explanation is necessary.4. All cows die EXCEPT 9. The key word is except, therefore only 9 cows remain alive. The correct answer was C)5. This question was a bit ambiguous. It made you think of the months that only had 28 days, but it actually refers to all the months because they all have at least 28 days. Therefore the answer was 96.6. No, the guard is not entitled to his pension because dead people can’t receive a pension.7. Many people answered 2, but the right answer was 0. Why? Because it wasn’t Moses that built the ark, it was Noe. Yeah, this question is really not IQ material either.That was it. If you have any other IQ tests, send them our way and will try our best to post them. Cheers!

What is a nice iPod docking system? (part 1)

Some people were asking for suggestions on what would be a nice docking system for their new iPod touch or iPod phone. The truth is that there is an over abundance on the market for all iPod gadgets, even for docking systems. In my opinion the way to minimize your selection is by first establishing what you want from your docking system then by looking at the quality of the product and then the price. So by applying this technique, my first review will be about an ipod docking system that also serves as an alarm clock. It is called the iH41. As you can see from the picture it is nice to use with the iPod touch / phone series as it is designed to take advantage of the iPod Touch’s both regular and wide screen. This way you can position your iPod to watch a movie right before you go to bed or flip it vertically to listen to your favorite song when you wake up. The nice thing about it is that when you turn it horizontally or vertically, the clock positions itself to match.Besides all the usual features of a regular alarm clock it also features an expanded bass and Reson8 speaker for a clearer sound. It also comes with a remote control to easier access different functionalities.Dimensions: 6.7″ W x 6.2″ H x 3.4″ DPower: AC Power AdapterCost: $79.99Note: It works with other iPods as well.

What is the difference between inline skates and rollerblades?

Inline skates are basically boots/shoes with a line of rollers fixed under each one. They usually have two to five wheels, all arranged on a single line. They must not be confused with the quad skates which have one pair of wheels in the front and one in the back.Now, what is the difference between them and the rollerblades? The Rollerblade is actually a brand name for this type of skates. Over time it became a generic name and soon transformed into a synonym for inline skates.

What is new in WordPress 2.6?

WordPress 2.6 was just released. It has some new, very useful features such as photo caption, gears, “press this”, post revisions and more. Watch the following video to see the new features, how they look like and how they function. We will be upgrading later today, so we will be offline for about an hour.

What is your score on this IQ test?

Hello everyone. We got this intelligence test last week from one of our subscribers. I wouldn’t really call it an intelligence test as the questions are not very well constructed and one has nothing to do with intelligence. Nevertheless it might be fun to do. We’ll give you some multiple choice answers just to try to throw you off. Enjoy.1. You set your alarm clock for 9 and you go to bed at 8. How many hours do you sleep?A) 12 B)13 C)1 D)8 E)0 F)92. Divide 30 by 0.5 and add 10. What does it equal to?A)25 B)65 C)45 D)703. You enter a dark room, in your hand you are holding a match. There is no electricity, just a candle, a gas lamp and an oil lamp. What do you first light up?A)the oil lamp B)the candle C)the gas lamp D)the match Continue reading “What is your score on this IQ test?”

What is Sting’s real name?

Does it really say Sting on his ID? No, no it does not. Sting’s real name is Gordon Sumner. Yes, you read it right the first time, it is Gordon.He gained his nickname while playing with the Phoenix Jazzmen band. He was performing wearing a black and yellow sweater with stripes and apparently to the band leader, Gordon Solomon, he looked like a bumblebee. Therefore he started to be called Sting. Since then everyone calls him that, even his mother and children.

What is the largest volcano?

The largest volcano on Earth is the Mauna Loa in Hawaii. It rises 15,200 meters (50,000 feet) from its base which is under the sea level. Its elevation above sea level is 4,170 meters (13,680 feet).Your Ad Here

What is the most popular beverage in the world?

This one is a tosser. Some sources say it is tea, some say it is the soft drink in general, some say it is coffee and a recent survey even says that beer is the most popular beverage in the world. Now how would you measure a beverage popularity (by how many drink it or by how often they drink it, etc) and over what period of time? Because of these issues the title for the most popular beverage in the world can change as frequent as on a daily basis. If we substitute the period of time as being an indefinite amount of time in the past then the title goes to water. Water will 100% come up as the most popular beverage in the world. On the second place it would be tea and then perhaps coffee falling on the third place.

What are the two big ads for Carlton Draught?

You must have all seen the first big ad of Carlton Draught that appeared in 2005. It is simply called “It’s a big ad!”.Watch two armies collide on a large battlefield in an epic battle. It’s worth watching. Very well made. You will appreciate its grandeur.Carlton Draught’s next big commercial has been featured recently in 2008 and now the the focus has been shifted towards the skies. It will make you laugh,

What is the world’s largest foosball table?

This XXL foosball (see image on the left) table was created by Airworks for an Amstel beer commercial that would air during the European Champions league finals. It can accommodate 22 players, the same amount of players found in a real football (soccer) game. So pick one up, gather your friends and play as your favorite team in the upcoming Euro 2008 finals..

What is Madonna’s real name?

I bet the question crossed your mind. What is Madonna’s real name? Does she only have one name? Does it really only say Madonna on her passport or driving license?The answer is no. She does have a last name and that is Ciccone. yup, her name is Madonna Ciccone.

What to know about numerology?

Numerology is the study of the occult meanings of numbers and their influence on human life. The text on numerology was written by an MIT graduate that goes by the name of Matthew Goodwin.What do you do with numerology? Well, you can have a good chuckle or entertain yourself, but unfortunately many people take this seriously. So how does one apply numerology? Well basically number values are assigned to the letters in your name and by adding these with the numbers in your birth date, in a multitude of combinations (underlying MULTITUDE), a numerologist establishes your key numbers. Just as an astrological sign, the key number is interpreted ad the result is a complete description of your personal characteristics and what you should do with your life.Nevertheless we should not disperse numerology without an examination of its base theory, but again unfortunately there isn’t any. We just have to take numerologists’ word for it that it works even though we have no idea how it works or what it means that it “works”.Now the believers of numerology will ask: “Then how do you explain the accuracy of a numerologist’s readings?”. Well you may not even be aware of the selectiveness of your thinking. What do I mean? Read our other article about the Forer effect.If you still believe in Numerology, you can click here for a Numerology Report.

What is the Forer effect?

We have all experienced it when we were given a reading by a fortune teller, a palm reader or a psychic or when we were reading the horoscope one morning.The Forer effect is the tendency to accept that vague and general personality descriptions are uniquely applicable to oneself without realizing that the same descriptions could apply to anyone else.The Forer effect is named after psychologist B.R. Forer who discovered it. One day he gave a personality test to his students and without looking at their answers he gave each of them a personality evaluation. The students were then asked to evaluate this evaluation on a scale of 0 to 5 (with 5 meaning excellent accuracy). The class average was 4.26. This is quite high considering that the personality evaluation he gave to each of his students was the same. The test has been repeated hundreds of times with other psychology students and the average was still maintained around 4.2.So his subjects might say he could successfully read their character, but instead he proved that the people tend to accept vague and general personality descriptions as uniquely applicable to themselves.The most common explanations given today to account for the Forer effect are self-deception, wishful thinking, vanity and the tendency to try to make sense out of experience. People tend to believe things about themselves that are false, if at the same time they deem them positive or flattering enough. We tend to ignore what is not true and just consider the correct descriptions. Even if we are given vague data we try and make a clear picture out of it.I can go on and on about this, but I think this is sufficient for now.

What are trematodes?

Trematodes or are flatworms of the class Trematoda of the phylum Platyhelminthes. They have complex life cycles that usually involve a snail as an intermediate host. The definitive host of the adult worms, generally a mammal, acquires the parasite by ingesting an encysted form in a second intermediate host or on vegetation. Many species can infect humans, but most normally parasitize other mammals, and humans are accidental hosts.Note: Trematodes also go by the name of flukes.

What is the Garbage Warrior?

…or who is the Garbage Warrior? The Garbage Warrior is Michael Reynolds, a brilliant architect who created the radical sustainable housing. Imagine a house made out of garbage (old car tires, broken glass bottles, aluminum cans, etc), but which at the same time looks very modern. Wait that’s not all that is amazing about the houses designed and created by Michael Reynolds. His typical house heats itself, provides its own water, grows its own food (with some human tending of course), produces its own electricity and recycles its waste. You thought that was all? No…it can also be built anywhere. You can have it built in the middle of nowhere or on the slope of a mountain, your choice. You don’t need any power lines, sewage or roads. You don’t need to pay in order to live anymore.Watch Michael Reynolds and his group of builders battle the US bureaucracy in order to legally introduce radically sustainable housing in this documentary, Garbage Warrior.