Where is Bahrain?

Bahrain started to appear in the news lately and quite a few people have started asking where Bahrain is.As you can see from the map (if you have a good eye sight or you zoom in) the Kingdom of Bahrain is composed of an archipelago located in the Persian Gulf. Its closest neighbours are Saudi Arabia on the west and Quatar on the south-east.

Where to get $8 prescription eyeglasses?

The answer is simple, Zenni Optical. The name sounds familiar? You might have heard about them on Fox TV or on the radio (read more about it here). They have been recommended by many people as you can find them to be very affordable, yet high quality and very fashionable prescription eyeglasses. All their eyeglasses orders have thin lenses, anti scratching coating, full UV protection, eyeglass case, microfiber lens cleaning cloth and most importantly, a full guarantee. You can even get a premium anti reflective coating for under $5. Why are their eyeglasses so cheap, yet so good? That’s because they sell their own manufactured frames directly to the customer and by cutting the middleman, you get to save big. It cannot get better than that. Have your pick at their different frame designs: half rim, full rim, or rimless. You can even opt for pure titanium, aluminum allow, memory titanium and other materials for your frames.Guess what? Now that Christmas is coming, you can treat yourself with a nice Holiday frames.They have everything for men, women and kids alike.Go ahead and take a look at the Zenni Optical eyeglasses.

Where can you get custom T-shirts?

VistaPrint is one of the leading online suppliers of high-quality graphic design services and printed products. The good thing about them is that you can buy full-color printing in small quantities without having to pay a premium price. You can purchase almost any type of printed product from them. Their products range from business cards, checks, stamps and envelopes to logo designs, letterheads, car door magnets, window signs, custom invitations, brochures, custom t-shirts and more. They are split in categories such as business identity, marketing materials, business cards, promotional giveaways, invitations, labels, stationary, product accessories and more. As you will see when visiting their website, they have absolutely everything. So how do you order from them? Well you select the desired product, choose one of the available design (or upload your own), add some possible customization and order the desired quantity. It is that easy.You should check out their specials section as you can find discounted products and sometimes even free ones. For example, right now they offer a 36% discount on their custom T-shirts.You could even order some free samples before you make a purchase to see if that is the product you desire is to your liking.Note: More than 12 million people chose their services in 19 different countries.

Where can you find info about your professor?

This website has been up for quite some time, but we thought it would be a good mention for anyone that hasn’t heard of it. Since classes will start in September it is time to choose your courses and set up your schedule at your college/university. Until now I am sure that many of you chose your courses in a way that would probably give you the most free time. Well, it would be a better idea if you were not to choose them according to mainly their time slots, but rather according to the professors that are teaching them. Here comes RateMyProfessors.com. It is a very useful website comprising of a database of over 1 million professors from more than 6,000 different schools. Simply search for the professor that is teaching the course you want to take and read to what others had to say about him/her, his/her teaching style, exams difficulty, etc. If you’ve taken a course with this prof before make sure you write your opinion as well (it’s all anonymous so don’t be scared to really say what you think – of course, be decent and diplomatic about it).You never know, just reading about your possible future professor might make you want to trade perfect time slot course for one that has a professor with a better teaching technique.

Where to go design your own Coke bottle?

If you are a Coke fan, you can now design your own Coke bottle. All you have to do is go to Coca Cola’s website and put your artistic gears into motion. There is no software to be installed, just have Flash enabled. They supply you with backgrounds, textures, stamps, shapes, etc. They are all customizable so you can change their colors, add shadows, borders and more. It does take some time to create a nice looking design, but it could become very popular. We will try to create our own when we have the time.Cheers!Note: You need an iCoke account, but it’s free to register.

Where can you find the saved games for the Dash series?

Do you want to back up your saves for a Dash game? Depending on your operating system, here is where you can find your saves:

    + Windows XP: C:Documents and SettingsCurrent UserApplication DataPlayFirst+ Vista: C:UsersCurrent UserAppDataRoamingPlayFirst

Just replace the Current User with your actual user name and you will find the PlayFirst directory. Inside it you will have the names of all you Dash games installed (example: Dinner Dash, Fashion Dash, Wedding Dash, etc). Just copy the entire contents of the desired game folder in order to back up your saves and high scores.

Where does the word’tip’come from?

Apparently the plural of the word “tip” (as in the amount of money given to someone, such as a waiter, in return for service) was coined in an English coffee house in 1652. A sign reading “To Insure Prompt Service” (TIPS) was placed by a tin cup at its entrance. The customers who desired faster service and a better seat, would put a coin into this cup by the TIPS sign.

Where is the world’s longest bar?

Update: Apparently the New Bulldog bar does not exist anymore so the new world’s longest bar is in Put-In-Bay, Ohio. It is 405 feet and 10 inches long. Quite a bit shorter than the previous one.You can go have a drink on in at the Beer Barrel Saloon.Thank you Kevin!Old post:Thanks to one of our readers it has been pointed out that the longest bar in the world is now in Rock Island, Illinois. You can find it at the New Bulldog. It is 684 feet (or 208.5 meters) long. Indeed it is the world’s longest bar.Unfortunately we could not find any pictures of it. If you have one, please send it our way.

Where should you make your home vegetable garden?

Are you considering creating a vegetable garden at home? If you have a yard you could start raising your own vegetables.So, when considering where to establish your home vegetable garden you should choose a place that has well drained soil and obviously convenient to the house. Make sure that garden area has full sunlight throughout the day in order for the vegetables to grow well. Try not to have any trees or shrubs nearby. They may block the sun and and they also compete with the garden plants for moisture and fertilizer.

Where do the native Hawaiian come from?

The native Hawaiians can be traced back to the first Marquesan and Tahitian settlers that came to Hawaii around AD 400. There were the ones to first populate Hawaii. According to the U.S. Census Bureau report for 2000, there are around 400,000 people who identified themselves as being “native Hawaiian” of which 100,000 consider themselves as pure natives.

Where to buy online flowers for Mother’s day?

As you all know, Sunday May 11, Mother’s day is making its appearance once more. Every year for mother’s day we take our mothers out for a nice dinner, maybe some desert if they’ve been good :), a walk in the park or something else that we know they might enjoy. After all it is their day! Regardless of our gifts and surprises for them, we always buy them flowers, don’t we? If you want to make it fancy this year, you can order them online from 1800flowers dot com. This way one of your surprises can show up right to her door even if you can’t make it to your hometown this year. Go check them out. They have a beautiful selection of flowers and discounts up to $20 for this special occasion.Hint: They also offer special gifts as well.

Where to go play online billiards?

If you are an online billiard fan, then you can check out this website. It has cutting edge graphics that ads to the high level of fun and interactivity you will experience in a game. You can play the regular 9 Ball Pool, Billiards, or Snooker. You can even enter tournaments and have the opportunity to win some real cash. The website features a multi-language platform so you can play online billiards with people from around the world. If you have any questions, check out their technical support as they are very professional.

How to get paid for reviewing a post on this website?

It’s quite simple really. All you have to do is click on the title of one of our posts. At the bottom of the post you will see the “get paid to review my post” badge. If you click on it, you will have the choice to sign up with PPP. If you sign up by clicking this badge, a special opportunity will be created JUST FOR YOU. If you accept it, you will just have to write a short positive review of the post from where you clicked the badge and you will get paid $7.50. You can write it in 5 minutes or so. Making $7.50 in just 5 minutes is easy money.Make sure you sign up after clicking on the badge, otherwise you may not receive the special opportunity.Note: Our readers (whom signed up using our link) said they also had a $20.00 opportunity reserved just for them as well. So, you can now get $27.50 with minimal effort.

Where to check out more info on Labuan island and photography?

Saifulrizan is a nice loving guy that adores photography, his Holga (one of his photo cameras), his family and of course Labuan island. He is currently running a blog containing info about the Labuan island and his interest in photography. Most of the pictures depict the life and scenery of Labuan island through the eyes of a local, himself. I mean, what is the best medium to describe a place, its people and traditions if not through a photograph?The following words: photography advertisement labuan island tourism travel asia malaysia, are a but a brief summary of what this blog contains. If you are passionate about photography, you should take a look at some of the articles he’s written about different apparatus. Checking out his photos might even provide you with some inspiration for your future projects or just sit back and admire his stile and the different aspects of Labuan island.

Where to go see a psychotherapist in Washington DC?

If you are looking for an alternative to psychology, check out the counseling services Washington DC offered by Karen J. Osterle. She provides psychotherapy sessions for both individuals and couples. She can assist you with various issues such as anxiety and stress, major/minor depression, bipolar disorder, multicultural adjustment, workplace performance, career-related concerns and more. She has a vast educational experience (by studying both in US and Europe) as well as a practical one (worked for US Department of State, George Washington University, Whitman-Walker Clinic – just to name a few).The initial consultation is free of charge if you choose not to continue with her, so you have nothing to lose.

Where to go look for expired domain names?

All the good domain names seem to be taken, at least the simple, straight forward ones. Well, most of them are indeed taken, but there is good news. Any domain has an expiration date, right? Well, some owners choose not to renew a domain name they registered a while ago. The reasons for that are not important. What is important is that if you like that domain, you can get it. So where can you look for expired domain names?Network Solutions offers Domain Names with a lot of extensions to choose from. Well, there are other companies that offer domain name registration too, but this one offers something really cool and useful: expired domain names. What’s even better about it is that they have this nifty feature, a domain name RSS Feed which notifies you the moment the domain you want expires so you can get your hands on it really fast. All you have to do is enter the keyword(s) that you want to domain name to contain, start with, end with or just match. Then you select your favorite RSS readers and subscribe to the feed with it. The moment the domain that matches your criteria becomes available, you will get an e-mail informing you and you will be able to get it.

Where can you go and get thank you cards?

Do you want to send a thank you card? There are many reasons why you would want to send Thank you Cards. Maybe you received a gift from your favorite aunt; why not send her a card for that? Maybe you got a bonus from your boss, or your best friend helped you with something. In fact, you don’t even quite need a well defined reason to send a card. I bet people who receive them will be glad nevertheless.With all this in mind, CardsDirect offers a nice thank you card collection. They have a card for each celebration or occasion. Their Thank You card category falls under Business Greeting Cards, but don’t let that fool you because as I stated above, you can send a thank you card to anyone you want. Simply select your desired card, like the one you see on the left hand side for example, customize it (write your desired text, choose your color, or add a logo or signature) and order it. It is that simple. You can also personalize its envelope. For some cards they offer a free sample so go browse through a few before making up your mind.

Where can you find interesting stuff about concept machines?

I’ve came across this interesting blog, The Concept Machines. It provides interesting information on the concept machines, reviews on cars and other cool stuff. Just go browse through the categories, find your favorite car model and see some cool stuff about it.My favorite section is the concept machines one. You can find stuff like the concept camera, the concept mobile phone, the concept watch and more. Just by looking at the pictures and you go WOW. I have to say, I love that Swiss watch; it has video, music and photo capabilities. Not only it looks awesome, but it communicates with others of its kind and is just purely functional. Anyhow, go take a look and see for yourself. You have to see it to believe it.If you love cars or you just want to see some nifty concept models, then go take a look at this blog.

Where can you write to Ashton Kutcher?

Are you a fan of Ashton Kutcher? Do you want to write him a letter, send him a postcard or send your written hugs and kisses?Well you could send your fan mail at:Ashton KutcherB|W|R Public Relations9100 Wilshire Blvd.6th Floor West TowerBeverly Hills, CA 90212USAIf you would like to request a photo, then you have to have an US address and send a stamped and self addressed envelope enough to fit a 8.5″ x 4″ photo.

Which was the largest plant-eating dinosaur?

The largest plant-eating dinosaur was the argentinosaurus. It was not only the largest plant-eating dinosaur, but probably the largestdinosaur to have ever roamed the Earth.This dinosaur (which was a sauropod) is believed to have grown to an incredible length of about 40 metres (130 feet). It might have weighed about 80–100 tons. As seen in the left hand side picture, it had a long neck and tail, and a small head.