Where to go get your own virtual crop circles?

Crop Circles Yesterday morning we received this link from one of our readers. It brought us the image you see on the left hand side. It’s a sort of a google map that you can pan and zoom that is initially concentrated on an empty field. A few seconds later, the crop circles appear. We really appreciate the thought and the time he put into this and we want to thank him.We took a look at the website this image is hosted on and we found out that anyone can create their own personalized crop circles. Just fill in the text, choose the symbols and in a couple of easy steps you will have a cool link to send to your friends.Watch out for the flying saucer.P.S. Thank you Benjamin.

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Where to write to Kevin James?

If you are a fan of the star of “King of Queens” and the more recent movie with co-star Adam Sandler, “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry”, then you can send your fan mail to the following address:Kevin JamesJeff Sussman Management603 West 115th StreetSuite 282New York, NY 10025USA

Where is the first viral film festival?

The Viral Film Festival will be happening in New York City (April 28th, 2008) and it will be part of the BEFILM The Underground Film Festival. Don’t miss the chance to participate and present your best and most creative web video. Hurry up and submit your film. Deadline is March 29th, 2008 and spaces are limited. For more information about submitting and festival details, please visit viralfilmfestival.com

Where to go find new or refurbished hardware for your IBM AS/400, iSeries and i5?

You can find pretty much any type of hardware for you IBM AS/400. iSeries and i5 at Performance Data Resources. Simply go through their product categories and find everything you need. Don’t forget to check out the IBM iSeries eServer as it provides exceptional performance, flexibility and performance. You can take a look into the used ones as they are obviously more affordable but as reliable as the new ones. Performance Data Resources’ website provides useful information on all their devices and helpful guides. Besides selling hardware, their technical staff also provides support of everything from setup device address to complex system tuning and troubleshooting. They have an experience of over 17 years and though all this time they always left their customers satisfied with both their products and knowledge.

Where to check out the ratings and reviews of popular web hosting sites?

Web Hosting Bluebook offers the best information I have seen so far about web hosting. It is basically a guide to popular web hosting sites. It simply has a list of the most popular web hosting sites and for each one of them, the features, costs, ratings and reviews are being provided. For example, for the 1and1 web hosting service it shows in detail the main features you get for hosting a website with them, as well as the email and domain features. Then it provides a detailed overview of the company, its reputation, controls and support. You can also see its pricing and what you get for it. Based on its reliability, as well as its features, cost and a few other factors, Web Hosting Bluebook will apply a rating. Based on the ratings, you will see it in the top ten web hosts.

Where is Canada’s longest bar?

The bar has 103.5 meters (340 feet) in length and runs part of the length of Lulu’s Roadhouse (which is a bar, a restaurant, a dining room, as well as a nightclub complex). It is located just off Highway 401 outside Kitchener, Ontario. It has been attested by the Guinness Book of Records as the longest bar in the world, but others have taken its place since then.Do you know where is Canada’s second longest bar in the world? Same place! Lulu’s Roadhouse has a second bar which is about 91 meters (300 feet).

Where to go get free insurance quotes? (autonetinsurance.co.uk)

Everybody needs insurance at some point in time. Either it is for yourself, your home, your pet or your car, you will need it. There are so many types of insurance with so many benefits or pitfalls, some cheaper and some more expensive, that you rarely know which one is the best one to choose. Fortunately now, there is a new online service available that provides you with a free quotation service. It is very simple to use. You simply select what you want the insurance quote for, and go through the designated steps. For eample, if you are looking for car insurance, you simply select the car online quote, fill out the required fields and wait for your quote. If you are looking for HGV Insurance, or courier, business, home insurance, etc. you proceed in the same way.If the online version is not your desired method, you can even call them by phone and get a result only after 5 minutes. For the legal cover though, the offer a 35% discount, but only for online customers. You can get some really good quotes on motor vehicle, household and commercial legal covers. Same for the breakdown policies.Note: Apparently you can get 70% on van insurance.

Where to get custom photo cards? (Cardsdirect.com)


Cards Direct tons of greeting cards of different types, colors and occasions. Above it all, they offer photo cards. This is the perfect personalized card you could send someone you love. It is a good idea for any special occasion such as Christmas (especially Christmas), New Years, Easter, Valentines or just to say “wish you were here”. The photos are printed on 14pt thick card stock using state of the art digital color press technology. You can make sure that your photo card will look as good as or even better than a store bought card. The process is also simple. You choose your photo and just e-mail it to them. Make sure you send them a high resolution photograph because otherwise it will not end up looking good. You will receive an e-mail showing you how the card will look like before printing it. Then they will simply print your photography on the front of the card. Depending on the style of the card you choose, you could have your photo printed in full color or just black & white or sepia tone. You will also receive lined envelopes for your cards and you could opt for having your return address already be printed on them. Best of all? The ground shipping is FREE.

Where to go get BMW parts online?

If you have a BMW, you will definitely be interested in looking for BMW parts. Either if you want to upgrade your BMW or replace some broken parts, go ahead and have a look. They have a large selection of items split into various categories such as air intakes, audio and video, brakes, BMW Wheels, grilles, etc. Go ahead and take a look.

Where can you get Chicago Cubs merchandise?

Are you a die hard fan of Chicago Cubs? If you aren’t, but your husband, wife, child or best friend is, then you should definitely get them some Chicago Cubs apparel. Cub world dot com has everything you need. You can find all kinds of shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, caps, jackets, accessories, souvenirs and many other items. It is impossible not to find something you will like. You can even buy something for your toddler. A nice feature of the website is that you can shop by your favorite player. Just pick one and you will see the jerseys with his name on them.

Where did Plato get his info on Atlantis?

Around 347 BC, in two of Plato’s famous dialogues, he described a prosperous continent inhabited by people of great learning and culture. This continent (or island) was located beyond the “Pillars of Hercules” (which today it is knows as the Straits of Gibraltar). According to Plato, one day in 9600 BC a volcanic explosion and huge tidal wave destroyed this island, Atlantis. Just in one night, Atlantis sank to the bottom of the ocean, but a few people managed to escape.The story of this lost island (or continent) was originally told by a Greek statesman names Solon. He heard of the island during a trip to Egypt in the 6th century BC and found out all he could about it. What Plato wrote 200 years later in his dialogues about Atlantis, was based on Solon’s findings.For thousands of years Plato’s story of Atlantis was the only one. The two dialogues offered a full description of Atlantis and many of Plato’s fellow Greeks were convinced the story was true. Others, including Plato’s famous pupuil, Aristotle, were not convinced. They did not believe Plato’s story and said that it was an invention he used to illustrate his philosophy. Plato insisted that his account of Atlantis was completely authentic.

Where can women get help to fight drug abuse?

Drug abuse is obviously a very big problem and anyone affected by it should immediately seek help. Orchid recovery center provides a drug treatment program that meets a woman’s total physical, emotional and spiritual needs. It is a drug treatment center for women, by women. This way the Orchid is offering a therapeutic facility that is in sync with women and makes them feel at peace inside the personal and intimate settings as well as offering top of the art treatment facilities that are necessary for an effective treatment. This center is both a drug rehab and an alcohol treatment center for women. You can go watch a video of their facilities and treatment center and see how serene this center is and how the Orchid can help heal both body and soul.

Where to get a firefighter training simulator?

Fireblast451 provides simulators for firefighters. They are one of the leading mobile live fire training trailer manufactures with awarded products. Their live fire training simulator provides a controlled environment for firefighters to practice and improve their skills. The simulator’s advanced technology allows quick and easy control over the conditions. Firefighters can learn the best and safest procedures that will be necessary to be applied when performing their jobs. The training simulator has a variety of fire training equipment so you can be sure that a firefighter will receive a thorough and comprehensive training. Go ahead and check out their simulators, training props and best of all, the action shots and videos.

Where to get the online golf handicap software?

NetHandicap has been and still is the market leader in online club golf handicap service. NetHandicap is a golf tournament software that is proved to be beneficial to amateur golfers, golf clubs, golf associations, private associations or any other type of corporate, group, community wishing to offer an organized club. With this software, any individual, either amateur or professional, can benefit from a best-in-class software golf handicap. Because this software is web based, it is available anywhere at any time. It allows an easily maintainable handicap index and analysis. You will not have any hidden costs and best of all you will get free automatic updates.

Where to get Vegan Valentine’s Chocolate?

If you are looking to buy some vegan organic chocolate for your loved one on Valentine’s Day, then check out “Kate’s Caring Gifts”. You can have your choice of a delicious looking organic vegan Valentine’s Chocolate in shape of a heart, or chocolate caramel, dark chocolate, raisin and coconut chocolate, and a few more others. No matter what your taste is, your desire will be satisfied. Any order you make will come with a free earth friendly gift wrap or gift box and a personalized gift message. This way, the perfect vegan Valentine’s gift will be complete.Tip: Get a 15% discount on your first order by signing up for their mailing list.

Where to go get Series 7 courses and material?

If you are reading this, then you probably know that the Series 7 test is the NASD/NYSE exam required by most broker-dealers for their registered representatives and so you know that it is a very important test. Empirestockbroker.com is offering you the best opportunities by providing you with the Series 7 Books from where you can prepare for your exam. A high grade of at least 70% is required to pass the exam and it is not an easy one. That is why they also offer Series 7 Training for any one that needs help or want to gain a leverage. All the training courses are taught out of their own user friendly course books and no pre-studying is required. If you want to receive your Series 7 license, I suggest you visit their website. Take advantage of their training and exam material because they seem excellent.Note: They offer useful information about other tests as well.

Where was the first skyscraper?

As you might have guessed, it was in the United States. Tall buildings were called skyscrapers as early as the 1880s. They were built on a steel structure and had central heating, electrical pumps and lifts. In 1890, Major William Le Baron Jenney and Louis Sullivan built the first skyscraper in Chicago. This was the Home Insurance Building. It had ten floors, including the basement. Two floors were added in 1891. Skyscrapers could house so many people that they changed the way people lived and worked.

Where were the first Olympic Games held?

If you did not know this yet, the ancient Greeks were keen sportsmen. The Olympic Games were an athletic as well as a religious celebration held in the town of Olympia (hence the name). The first Olympic Games were held in 776 BC, in an attempt to bring all the city-states together in friendly competition.

Where is the world’s largest log building?

Château Montebello is a resort hotel built on the north bank of the Ottawa River at Montebello, Quebec. It is often called the world’s largest log cabin or building. About 10,000 red cedar logs, transported by the CPR from British Columbia, were used in the construction of the star shaped log cabin which was opened on 1 July 1930. The architect gave the log building a modified French château style. Originally called the Seignory Club, it is now a resort hotel with a full complement of facilities suited for government and business conferences.Note: On its grounds may be found the historic home of Louis-Joseph Papineau, a leader in the Rebellion of Lower Canada.

Where can you get free web polls for webmasters?

If you are a webmaster and you are looking to get a free web poll, then easy-poll.com is the place for you. They offer the most developed and refined polls. You have the largest selection of patterns, styles and colors for the free web polls. You can opt for a simple yes/no or multiple choice poll.if you are looking for an easy way to add some variety and interaction to your website then you should go get some voting polls. They are professional and always free.

Where to get a free web counter?

If you have a website, a blog, or a forum, then it would be a good idea to get a free web counter. You can display the number of people that visited your website and you could also find out useful information about your website hits. You can access your account 24/7 and find out things like who accessed your website, their computer address, their internet browser and operating system or more importantly keywords following which the visits were made. Just go and get it. It is free and you won’t regret it.