Why do you need travel insurance to travel to Cuba?

Well, if you only have US citizenship, you don’t need it. You don’t need it because you can’t go there.If you’re passport comes from any other country then you need to get travel insurance or buy a legal policy when you arrive (careful, it can cost you up to $3/day). This new measure has been turned into a law in February, 2010 and it came into effect on May 1st, 2010.Happy travels!

Why go to Morey’s Piers?

If you are looking for a nice, fun gateway to a great Jersey Shore beach vacation then this is a place you should stop by. Here you could find the largest amusement piers in the world. With over 100 park rides and attractions, there will be something to make every one happy. You’ll be able to choose from games such as “fool the guesser”, hi-striker, softball pitch, ring toss, fortune wheel, darts, pool, and many more, along with a bunch of arcades and slot machines. You could keep winning points that can be redeemed for beach towels, toys, cd players, TVs, and more. My favorite attractions are the waterparks. The Ocean Oasis waterpark is a little bit more adult oriented with amenities such as cabanas & huts, hammocks, massage therapy services, concierge service and more. Nevertheless it also has some great family activity programming. The children could play in the Bonsai Beach area while the adults could relax in the Water Lilies or take a plunge on the Shotgun Falls drop slides. There is something for everyone. The same thing can be said about the Raging Waters theme park. Shipwreck Shoals, Rocket Raft, Speed Slides, Fountain Pool, Sky ponds Journey, Rope Swing and many more. Don’t they all just spell “fun” to you? You will not want to go home. Unfortunately, your body will eventually get tiered.If you’re looking for a hotel in order to have your entire vacation planned around Morey’s Piers, you could check out their website. They offer a variety of information on fun things to do in New Jersey such as dining, group events and of course in depth detail on their amusement rides and waterparks. If you need to find a place to stay, also check out their website as it is the best place to find hotels & motels in Wildwood.Don’t forget that they have a sale that runs December 1 through January 9 on which you can save nearly 40% on a Season Pass to BOTH waterparks.

Why can’t this weather girl stop laughing?

This woman is just getting ready to present the weather. As it turns out a technical glitch causes the image of a man to shortly pop up at the beginning of her presentation. Her usual routine takes a comical road as seeing that image makes her burst into laughing. Not only that, but she can’t stop from laughing!If you’re in for another chuckle, check out Why can’t this host stop laughing?

Why should you fall asleep before 12 a.m.?

Studies have shown that our cortisol levels are lowest before the 12 a.m. mark. The cortisol is a hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex. It helps the body cope with stress an inflammation. It also gets the body ready for the activities of tomorrow. So if we fall asleep before midnight, we will benefit from a higher recovery rate than if we were to fall asleep after 12 a.m.Every hour of sleep before midnight is almost twice as valuable as an hour after.So, don’t stay up late anymore.

Why Google doesn’t play fair?

I recently found out that you can buy a PR6/7 link from Google for $2,990. Now, am I wrong or wasn’t link purchasing against Google’s policy? So, how does one purchase a link from Google? Simply by buying a Google Mini. You will not only get to use this device to search through your computer files with better accuracy, but you will also profit greatly by having an inbound link from Google.Do you want to see the websites that are currently in violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines? No problem, Google makes these available here. As you can see there are some reputable websites on that list, but there are also some dodgy ones that get to sit back and chuckle from the notion that their page rank will rise while other websites will put in some hard work to abide to Google’s rules.It seems that Google, whose motto is “do no evil”, doesn’t seem to adhere to its own rules.

Why go see New York City?

There are a lot of things to do in New York. It is a metropolitan area filled with history, culture and joy of life. There are so many places to see that not even a week will be enough. So you should always concentrate on the main visiting spots. Obviously everyone heard of the Statue of Liberty, and trust me, it is worth seeing. It is quite a climb up to the top (I’ve had my share of climbing), but it is worth it once you get there. Same with the Empire State Building building, but you will be carried up there by an elevator instead. I remember when I first saw it I was amazed by this architectural monument. The view from the top is also fantastic. I had the craziest experience up there. Anyone, remember “Sleepless in Seattle”? Well, that morning I separated from my parents and just like in the movie, we met up there about an hour before closing time. Of course, I was not lost or as young as the boy from the movie, but still it was a nice story.Anyhow, back to the Big Apple. You shouldn’t miss the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You can see thousand of years of history, all under one roof. From the Neolithic period until the American Revolution, from Greek art to modern art, there is something for everyone.You should definitely go take a walk on the famous Broadway and maybe even catch one of their famous plays. Go take a stroll down Central Park, Little Italy, Chinatown, Times Square and many, many other beautiful and exciting places and cultural spots. If you want to catch your share of celebrities, go to the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.For additional information and online travel guides you can visit “Trusted Tours & Attractions”. Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter for a chance to win a $150 iTunes gift card.P.S. If you are renting a car you could also drive to Boston (around 4 and 1/2 hours). On the same note as New York, there are plenty of things to do in Boston.

Why don’t celebrity couples last?

Just to make this clear from the start, when I saw celebrity couples, I am mainly referring to celebrity couples for which at least one of them is an actor. As we all know there are quite a few celebrity couples that remain together forever. Most of the others fail, they eventually break up. Even if the couple is one of our favorites and they seem the perfect match for each other (take Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston for example). So why don’t celebrity couples last?There could be three main reasons: temptation by a person of the opposite sex, fame jealousy, and over publicity.Your Ad HereLet’s approach the first one: TEMPTATION! You’re thinking, why would it be more difficult for an actor/actress to resist temptation that for a non-famous person? Well, it shouldn’t be more difficult. In truth, there is really not much excuse for cheating. The only difference is that perhaps for an actor/actress the temptation is greater. Why? Well just because of the nature of their job. Most of the times, for quite a few good months of a year, they might have to work closely with a person of the opposite sex. The temptation can grow exponentially as they find each other acting together in romantic scenes or just by simply working with one another ten hours a day. Even if they won’t do anything, their partner might get jealous just by knowing his/her better half is working side by side with a hottie and this jealousy could also break their relationship.This brings us the the second one: FAME JEALOUSY!One of them could be more famous than the other and this could lead to fame jealousy. The one less famous could become jealous of the other’s greater success. It would be really stupid if that is the case, but it happens. Usually if the woman is more famous, the man may feel threatened or neglected.Now the third and final reason for why celebrity couples don’t last: OVER PUBLICITY!This is straight forward, the celebrity couple receives too much attention from the media. They become suffocated by it. Untrue rumors might spread about one of them and this could plant the jealousy seed in their mind. They could also be overly criticized as a couple and they just might not take it anymore and therefore break up. I’m sure you can think of tons of examples. Over exposure by the media is mostly never a good thing. If they are smart, they should keep their private lives away from the media’s eye.Why do you think celebrity couples don’t last?

Why do cats like to sleep on your dirty laundry?

Have you ever caught your cat sleeping on the clothes you threw on a chair the night before, or maybe in your hamper? Well, cats seem to be fond of the smell of those they know well and that is why they love sleeping on a piece of clothing they find laying around the house. That is also why they like to sleep in bed on the same spot you were in before or on the chair you’ve just got up from. Yup, cats truly love the smell of their owners and that is why you might find them sleeping on your dirty laundry.

Why store garlic in the freezer?

Storing garlic in the freezer is one of the best way of conserving garlic for a long period of time. Not only it stays fresh, but it also after it is frozen the quantities of the arsenic that is in it get diminished. So for example if garlic makes you nauseous, eating it after it was stored in the freezer should be alright.How should you store it? Simply put it in a zip lock bag and store it. You don’t even have to peel it. That’s another advantage, when it is frozen it becomes very easy to peel.Note: Depending on the freezer, the garlic can become a little mushy.

Why go see the Imperial War Museum in London?

If you are on a trip in London and you are one of those people fascinated by war and weapons, then the Imperial War Museum is the one you should see. You can see a wide range of weapons and historic equipment, including a Battle of Britain Spitfire, a German one-man submarine (pretty tight), a Mark V tank, and a rifle once carried by Lawrence of Arabia. Other exhibits include coded messages, forged documents, espionage equipment from World War I to the present, and multimedia presentations about the blitzkrieg and trench warfare. The entire tour of the museum (which is located in a former insane asylum by the way) will keep you occupied for at least two hours.

Why do the marinade sauces do such wanders on BBQ meat?

That is because most of these marinade sauces contain acids. These acids act on the proteins in meat, helping them break down and become more tender. As the proteins break down, they leave space within the meat for flavor and moisture to seep in. Some acids that are usually found in marinades include the following:+ Buttermilk+ Coffee+ Cranberry juice+ Lemon/lime juice+ Vinegar+ Wine+ YogurtIf you would like some good marinade tips, drop us a line.

Why do cats rub against your leg? (or anything else for that matter)

A cat will rub her head or the side of her chin against your leg or any object, furniture, or wall to deposit her scent on them as part of her territorial marking. She uses her glands on her forehead and around his mouth and chin. These glands produce chemicals called pheromones, which she transfers by rubbing against objects.If you see a cat sniffing intensly then she is trying to determine if the scent was produce by another feline or animal and if she needs to watch out if that animal might still be around.So if she is marking her territory on your leg…does that mean she thinks she owns you?P.S. Sometimes they rub against something just to scratch the side of their chin or to groom or get rid of falling hair.

Why are some parents faking divorce in Spain?

Apparently the competition for state schools (at least the acceptable ones) is very high in Spain.So what does have to do with the kids’ parents?Well, if a kid is living with a single parent he/she gets more points on the school’s application. That is why some parents are faking their divorces in order to increase the chances for their kid’s admission.Imagine that! Parents are actually divorcing (even if they still love each other) and one of them is even moving out of the house. All this for their kid. Would you divorce in order to help your kid like that?

Why is the Ming dynasty so famous?

1368 AD was the starting year of the Ming dynasty. It was marked by the overthrown of the Mongols by the Hung-Wu. The Ming dynasty is remembered for making the administration strong, widespread and fair. Judges now had to take a test to get a job. Chinese literature, art and philosophy reached new heights during Ming rule. Some of the best Chinese porcelain was manufactured at Jingdezhen. The yellow imperial bowls, red vases and highly decorated painted ceramics became popular and are now considered very valuable and extremely expensive.For the first time, both cotton and silk production also did very well.The dynasty lasted until 1644.

Why go see Boston?

I spent my spring vacation down in Boston. It really was one of the greatest spring vacations and it is all owed to the city. Here is a little bit about Boston and a few reasons why you should go see it:Boston is a traditional, but trendy city with a lot of character from the colonial times. It was a pivotal place in the birth of America and its style, atmosphere and people invoke that passion in its visitors.The city is relatively small, easy to navigate, but nevertheless there are a lot of things to do in Boston. If you are a museum kind of a person then you can’t miss the Museum of Science, the MIT Museum why not…visit the Sports Museum to see New England’s sports heritage. If you want a taste of history you can’t miss the JFK Presidential Library and Museum or seeing the 16 historic sites (Old State House, Trinity Church, Granary Burying Ground, etc) of the colonial Boston.The Museum of Fine Arts, the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum, the Institute of Contemporary art and the three Harvard Art Museums can’t be missed for someone who appreciates art.If you would like to take a stroll through the city you can’t miss the Waterfront District (you can see where the Bostonians dropped the tea in 1768), the Cambridge area (and check out Harvard and MIT), the North End (Italian district) and the Theater District (restaurants, bars, pubs and theaters all mingling with each other).To speed things up you can take advantage of the “old town trolley tours” for a very informative, fun and unique experience.

Why go see Dubai?

There are many reasons why you should go see Dubai. You will see the old and the new, the modern world and history joined together. You can emerge in the past by visiting the Al Bastakia Area, a famous building constructed by masons or one of the largest and most beautiful mosques, Jumairah Mosque. If you are only visiting for a few days, you should visit the Dubai museum. Since you will definitely go shopping, you should visit their Souks (Arabic word for market).Their new skyscrapers are amazing, but the most famous one has to be the Burj Al Arab. If you are looking for adventure you can try the desert safari or the wild wadi. If you like races you are in for a treat with their camel and horse racing or by just visiting their autodrome.These are only a few reasons to go see Dubai. You can plan your vacation through DialAFlight.com or just check for the next flight to Dubai. Just call and speak with one of their travel agents and have your vacation to Dubai tailored for you.

Why every product of the Apple Inc. starts with i…?

Have you ever wandered why every product of the Apple Inc. starts with an i (as in iPod, iMac, iBook etc.)?Well, it all started with the iMac. According the Apple Inc, the “i” in iMac stands for “internet”. They joined the “i” and the Mac together in order to emphasize the connection of the two and the easiness with which an iMac user can setup and connect to the internet.Apple later adopted the “i” prefix across its other hardware and software brands, becoming a nice branding idea that would make the customer think right away of Apple.So why is the iGoogle called iGoogle? Do they have the same reason?No, there is obviously no connection between iGoogle and Apple and the “i” does not stand for “internet”. For those who do not know, the iGoogle is Google’s version of the personalized homepage. Therefore the “i” before the Google just simply stands for I (the pronoun used to refer to oneself).

Why do plants grow flowers and fruit?

So why do plants grow flowers and fruit? Here is a simplified answer:Plants grow flowers and fruit to reproduce. The flowers contain pollen, which are carried by insects or the wind to other plants for reproduction. On the same note, the fruit contains seeds of new plants, which are carried by animals, wind or water to other places where a new plant will grow.

Why do whales have holes on their heads?

As you know, whales do not have gills like fish. In fact, because they are mammals, they take in air through nostrils. The nostrils of whales, called “blowholes”, are located on top of their heads. Every once in a while, whales come to the surface of the water and open their blowholes to breathe.

Why is the Nile River known as the lifeline of Egypt?

The banks of the Nile were and are very fertile. This important characteristic is what attracted the early settlers to Egypt. They formed two different kingdoms: Upper Egypt in the south, and Lower Egypt in the north, with the Nile Delta. People fished in the Nile and farmed on its banks. An entire civilization was formed on the banks of the Nile, because of the Nile River. That is why the Nile is known as the lifeline of Egypt.We will cover more about the ancient Egypt in our future posts.

Why can men find their way around?

Most men have what it is called “spatial ability”. That is why they can rotate a map in their mind and know in which direction to go. If they need to come back again in the same place at a later time, they can do so without needing a map. Most men can read a map while facing south and know they need to go north. They can also look at a map and navigate from memory afterwards. The examples are numerous, but you get the idea. Most women can’t do all those things. In fact when they head out of a store at a mall, most of them don’t know if they came in from the left or right side of the corridor. Similarly, they can almost never find their car in a parking lot.So why can men find their way around? There are thousands of documented scientific studies that confirm male superiority in spatial skills. That is because they are (anthropological speaking) the food providers and they need to find their way home to ensure the survival of the family.A test has been produced at Iowa State University by professor of psychology Dr Camilla Benbow. She scanned the brains of more than a million boys and girls to study their spatial ability and reported that differences between the sexes were already significant by the age of four. She found that while girls were excellent at seeing two dimensions in the brain, boys had the ability to see a third dimension, giving depth. On three-dimensional video tests, boys outstripped girls in spatial ability by a ratio of 4: 1 and the best girls were often outclassed by the lowest scoring boys.Maybe that is why most women don’t enjoy spatial activities and don’t pursue careers that involve spatial activities. Examples? Well we first have sports such as golf, basketball, cricket, hunting, etc. Then there are careers such as architecture, engine mechanics, airplane pilots and a few others.Note: Studies also showed that a man’s brain measures speed and distance to know when to change direction.Go check out “Why (apparently) boys don’t listen?” and “Why can men only do one thing at a time?”.