Why does your skin get”pruney”after a long bath?

it happened to all of us. We take a long bath, or we stay a long time in the pool…whatever is the case, our skin started to get “pruney” after a while. So why does our skin becomes like that? The simple answer for why this happens is that our epidermis (the outer skin layer) absorbs a little bit of water when we soak too long in water.The skin on the feet and hands is a bit thicker than the skin on the rest of the body and that’s why it get “prunier” in those areas. As the epidermis expands, the dermis (the skin layer following the epidermis) does not swell and therefore the epidermis buckles in some areas.Interesting, right?

Why is Venus hotter than Mercury?

Venus has a thick atmosphere, much thicker than the Earth’s. The atmosphere is mainly carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide filled atmosphere causes the greenhouse effect (which is also happening on Earth at some lesser extent). This greenhouse effect traps large amounts of heat within the planet.That is why Venus is hotter than Mercury even though Mercury is closer to the Sun.If you are interested go see: Why are nights on planet Mercury freezing cold, even though it is the closest to the Sun?

Why go visit the city of Ojai, California USA?

Ojai is a small town in southern California (in Ventura County). Even if it is a smaller city, it holds many charms. It is the perfect location for artists such as musicians, painters and writers. There are so many beautiful and serenely locations that you find yourself at peace and you let inspiration flood you. It is the perfect place to get away from the big city fast-paced lifestyle that most of us live in every single day.You can find a lot of delightful artistic expression in their Ojai Center for Arts, Summer Art Stroll, Art in the Park and a couple of other events as well as other numerous galleries. If you like some golfing, you can do that too as it has one of the top 25 golf resorts in North America. Besides golfing there are a lot of other outdoor activities you can engage in as well as incredible restaurants and shops. So, go check out the flights to USA and book your next ticket for California. Have a great vacation!

Why buy a gas heater from Gas Heaters Online?

Well, why would you get a gas heater in the first place? Well, there are a couple of reasons. First of all it is very efficient. A gas heater will warm up the surroundings a lot better than an electrical one. Second of all, it is a very economical way to heat any necessary space. All you have to figure out is the capacity of the heater (that would be chosen directly proportional to the size of the area you need to heat) and where to install it (you need a room where ventilation is possible). So go and browse through their gas heaters, accessories and parts. The prices seem very convenient and the purchase process is very easy as well as fast and secure.

Why does the Sun glow?

The Sun is made up of huge amounts of hydrogen and helium gases. The Sun glows because the nuclear reactions at the center of the Sun emit a large amount of energy. That same energy travels through space and reaches us as heat and light.

Why do couples in UK have a better chance on getting a property than a single person does?

Unfortunately for a young person, it is quite difficult to get onto the property ladder in the UK. The prices for properties have gone so high that they are inversely proportional to a young person’s salary. If a single person wants to get a property, it will be very unlikely that he/she could get into the property market, unless he/she gets some financial help from the relatives. Especially in London, a person needs to rise ten times above the average salary in order to afford owning something.Fortunately for couples, they have a better chance in taking up a mortgage because their combined salaries might be just enough. To find out what a couple can afford you basically sum up both of the salaries and multiply that by three or four and you will get in what price range their property would be tangible.Finding a good mortgage rate is the key and finding one that freezes over a few years is something to look for. The more years it freezes, the better it is. In my opinion the rates for mortgages will not drop (at least not in the UK) anytime soon so it would be a good idea to look for a Free Mortgage Quote. It can’t hurt to see your options and start planning for the future.

Why do some women who have a child/children want even more children?

Well, it is not just because they love children. Even if a family has one child and they do not want another one, that doesn’t mean they do not love children. Some women who have a child/children want even more because they have already made a decision: dedicate every minute of their life to that child (or those children). Therefore when making that decision, they tend to live their life through their child (children). Because one is aware that a child will grow older and reach the age when he/she becomes more and more independent and separates himself/herself from the mother, the mother wants to have more than one children so that even if one child reaches that age, the next one will not (or at least not at the same time).

Why buy your rollerblades from 123skate?

123skate has been serving the people of Miami for over 15 years and they have gotten pretty good at it. They carry the largest selection of inline skates and accessories from top of the line manufacturers. In addition to the rollerblades, they also carry a selection of skateboards, bicycles, heelys shoes and other accessories. If you go on their website, make sure you go check out their sale page for some savings. They offer a price guarantee which means that if you find a product with a lower price somewhere else, they will surely match that price for you. So if you are a rollerblades’ fan or simply a sports person, go ahead and give them a look.

Why are nights on planet Mercury freezing cold, even though it is the closest to the Sun?

The reason why Mercury has freezing cold nights even though it is the closest planet to the Sun is because (unlike Earth) it is not surrounded by a thick protective blanket of air (aka the atmosphere). This means that the heat from the Sun escapes, leaving the planet freezing at night with a temperature as low as -183 °C (-297 °F). During the day it is the opposite, the temperature can be as high as 467 °C (873 °F).

Why isn’t it alright to stare at a sun eclipse?

Staring at an eclipse can cause harm to your eyes by damaging the back of the eye. There is also a fancy name for this and that is: “solar retinopathy”. The radiation from the sun is concentrated by the lens onto the retina and that results in a burn. This in turn, causes you eye discomfort.Solar retinopathy does not necessarily appear right after you starred at the eclipse, but it can appear even seven months after.P.S. The sun eclipse on August 11, 1999 – which I saw with my own eyes (I wore solar eclipse safety glasses) from Bucharest, Romania – put many people at risk with solar retinopathy.

Why go to the NFR? (2008)

For those of you who have not attended many rodeos in the past, NRF stands for the National Finals Rodeo. It is the premier championship rodeo event in the US. Wrangles Jeans is the sponsor for it, so you might have heard it as Wrangles NFR. Anyways, as I was saying it is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) rodeo even in the entire country. You could say that NFR is for rodeo what the World Cup is for soccer or the Super Bowl is for American football. The event takes place over a span of 10 days and there’s something for everyone. They have bareback riding, steer wrestling, team roping, tie down roping, bull riding and quite a few other events. Just being there and watching the agility of the riders is just absolutely amazing. Any of these wonderful events can take you by surprise if this is your first time attending a rodeo, but nevertheless you are taken by surprise in a good way. This big event is held in December in Las Vegas, at the Thomas & Mack Cente. If you are interested, you should already start looking for National Rodeo Finals tickets because they can get sold out pretty fast. My friend went two years ago to this event and he said that any seat in the 105, 106 and 107 section are quite good, but then again, pretty much any seat in the house will offer you an unique experience.

Why go get your online MBA from Columbia Southern University?

If you want to advance at your current company or you want to move your career towards a top management position, then an MBA will definitely help you out. Most of the companies require it when you apply for a management position and they should require it because it teaches you a lot of things. The problem with getting an MBA is that it is time consuming. Especially if you work full time, you will find that it is very hard to go to classes as well. This is where Columbia Southern University comes into help. They offer an online mba program to ten concentrations. You can either choose a concentration in e-business, finance, health care management, human resource management, international management, project management and so on. With this online program you can take schedule shifting and time management issues out of the equation. This way, Columbia Southern University delivers 24/7 access to course assignment, online forums, web lectures, interactive software and both audio and visual examples. You can start getting your online MBA any time you want, as there are no fixed semesters. The tuition is affordable and the textbooks are included at no extra charge.This master is a part of online accredited degrees recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Go on their website and find out more information about their online MBA.

Why go ski on Mt. Hood?

First of all, that is where the official site of the National Alpine Ski Camp, which hosts some of America’s top ski educators. Second of all, there are a lot of other activities to choose from besides skiing, such as rock climbing, kite boarding, whitewater rafting and much more.You can even head out to Mt. Hood, OR during the summer, in June, July or August and still be able to ski. If you require training in order to end up skiing as a professional, there are several awesome programs that they offer, both in the autumn and summer seasons. Go ahead and check out their training videos and photo gallery.

Why go recover from drug and alcohol abuse at Michael’s House?

Michael’s House is a nationally recognized drug and alcohol rehab center. It is actually split into two rehab centers: the Treatment Center for Men and the Residential Retreat. They are located in a beautiful and tranquil setting of Palm Springs, California. The Treatment Center for Men was founded 18 years ago with the sole purpose of helping men that face addiction who need special assistance in their drug or alcohol treatment. The Residential Retreat offers both men and women a great treatment program for co-occurring conditions as well as alcohol and drug rehab. They offer delicious and healthy food, an exercise weight room, meditation time, leisure and recreational activities.If you or your loved one needs help, you can call their 24/7 line to have your questions answered and the admission process.

Why go check out FacialPlasticSurgery.com ?

The people from Facial Plastic Surgery (FPS) believe that how you feel about your looks reflects on how you feel about life. That is why they take their time to understand your desire of improvement in order to help your emotional face as well. Dr Szachowicz, the founder of FPS, is an expert in facial plastic surgery with more than 20 years of practice and the results that you get from him will only be beneficial. With state of the art technology, compassionate care and exceptional medical expertise, FPS offers several surgical options, such as Minnesota cosmetic surgery, that either minimize aging or redefine your facial features. They also offer non-surgical procedures such as botox, laser treatment, anti-aging lotions, chemical peels and others, to make you feel better about yourself.Regardless of the treatment of your choice, your energy, spirit and appearance will be reinvigorated.

Why (apparently) boys don’t listen?

Apparently, as boys grow (particularly approaching puberty) their ear canals undergo growth spurts that can cause a temporary form of deafness. Female teachers have been found to reprimand girls differently to boys and seem intuitively to understand male and female hearing differences. If a girl refuses to keep eye contact while the teacher berates her, a female teacher will continue the reprimand. If a boy refuses eye contact, many female teachers intuitively understand that he probably either can’t hear or is not listening, and will say: ‘Look at me when I speak to you’. Boys are equipped for effective seeing rather than hearing. For an easy demonstration of this, just count the number of Fs in the following sentence.Finished files are the result of years of scientific research. Boys score better than girls at seeing that there are five F’s. If the statement is read aloud however, girls are better than boys at hearing the correct number of F’s.

Why go and visit Toronto?

If you have not heard of Toronto, then I do not believe you. Well…if you did, but you do not know much about it, carry on reading.Toronto is the capital of the Ontario province. It stands tall and beautiful on the northern shore of Lake Ontario. This city is the centre of culture, life, commerce and communication in Canada. More than 100 cultures come together to bring you incredible cuisine, shopping and art that you will not see anywhere else. How to get there? Simply check out some flights to Toronto and get on the earliest plane. You can go and see the CN Tower, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Hockey Hall of Fame, the Toronto Music Garden, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Market Gallery and many, many other attractions. Don’t miss it! You can check out DialAFlight.com traveling company to start planning the vacation of your dreams. Search hotels, flights, car hire and many travel ideas, straight on their website. Just call and speak with one of their travel consultants to ensure that all requirements are fulfilled and so you can be sure that the entire trip will be exactly like you wanted it to.

Why choose Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery?

By going to the Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery, you will benefit from the knowledge, talent and experience of the Facial Plastic Surgeon Jennifer Parker Porter, MD. If you are seeking cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery of the face, you will benefit from a superb treatment. Not only you will come to understand the diagnosis and the treatment options, but you will also see that a great deal of attention will be paid to you. Check out their facial rejuvenation procedures, their laser and skin care treatments and of course the Washington DC rhinoplasty. If you are near Washington D.C., check them out and choose what treatment you think it is best for you or go for a consultation and see how good they are at what they do. Don’t forget: they can produce harmony and balance without sacrificing the individuality of your aspect.

Why go see the Aesthetic Wellness Center?

If you feel that you should enhance the way you look and feel, by means of plastic surgery, then you should check out the Aesthetic Wellness Center. They offer many facial procedures such as a facelift, browlift, otoplasty, rhinoplasty Boston, reconstructive surgery and more. You can also get treatments for your wrinkles or use the benefits of their skin care center and aesthetic laser center for your special needs. They have the best techniques that provide incredible results. For your convenience they even offer a flexible payments plan that will get rid of your financial obstacle. Go and see their ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos because they speak for themselves.

Why choose Finale Music Notation Software?

Well, first of all, the company that produced this software, Make Music, is the world leader in software and systems for both music educators and musicians. Finale Music Notation Software is, in turn, the world’s best selling music notation software. It is compatible with both Windows’ and Mac’s operating systems and is very easy to set up. You can play your MIDI keyboard and watch the music appear on the screen at the same time. You can add, change or remove notes with the click of a mouse. If you enjoy Making Music then this is the software for you. It even comes with a mixer and a software synthesizer that has 128 different instrument sounds.

Why choose Bardell Real Estate?

For over 17 years, this British owned and Florida based, Real Estate company, has helped turn their client’s dreams of vacation home ownership into reality. Since they are privately owned you can expect a high level of service delivered to you and a very honest, straight forward source of advice and information. If you are looking for villas for sale in Florida, or any other type of residential, retirement or vacation properties, then you should check them out. You can see all their listings online, along with photos, descriptions and prices. They also provide very useful information on anything that you have to know when you are buying as well as when you are selling a property. Go ahead an search for your new home at Bardell Real Estate.

Why choose CarMovers.com?

If you are looking to relocate your vehicle then you would want to know two things. First of all you would want to know that your car will be taken care of during transportation and second of all you would want to know how much it will cost you. Well, at CarMovers.com, auto shipping has just been made easy. You simply select “moving a car” for your service needs and enter the ‘from where’ and ‘to where’ locations. You will get a free estimate with no obligations. Since they also have state of the art carriers, you will also know that your vehicle will be moved safely and quickly. They even provide you with a moving guide from 6-8 weeks before your move until you’re settled in, just to make your life easier. CarMovers.com is the logical choice to make.