Who is one of the winners of the Ig Nobel Prize?

Deborah Anderson is one of this year’s winners of the famous Ig Nobel prize (the annual award given by the Annals of Improbable Research magazine towards unusual scientific achievements). Anderson is an obstetrics and gynecology professor at Boston University’s School of Medicine. She and her team proved that Coca-Cola acts as a spermicide. Also, surprisingly enough, they have found that Diet Coke worked even better. Of course, Coke is still not recommended as a birth control method.

How to dispose of cooking oil?

I recently took part of a debate where the disposal of cooking oil was the main topic. It would not be advise to throw it down the drain because over time it could congeal and provide you with a major clog.If you have large quantities of cooking oil, take it to an oil disposal center. They will use it as an ingredient for the cow’s food and so forth or it will be turned into bio-diesel.Some of the other ideas I’ve heard:- put it in cans or jars and throw it with your garbage- freeze it and toss it out- save it and use it to light fires or barbeques in winter- add birdseed to it and feed it to the birds

What to know about Dymo labeling products?

I barely remember my first day in the second grade, but I know there was a lot of confusion in the classroom. Why? Many of us had the same pencil cases, binders and of course paper bag lunches. There were a lot of “Johnny head in the air” kids and after the 10 minute short break they didn’t know where they were supposed to sit so they just took the seat that had their pencil case in front of them. Of course, those weren’t their pencil cases, they were just similar, so arguments started to quickly arise between confused children…The reason why I brought this up is that if those products would have been labeled, the chaos would not have happened. So, what to Dymo have in store for you? Obviously labels and label makers. What would those be useful for? To bypass confusion, of course. Well, you can do a lot with them. You could label your lunch boxes or bags, even use different Color labels for different days. Use them for the gym clothing, sporting equipment, books, binders and even toys. The former can easily get lost…having a label with your kid’s name on the bottom of it will definitely help.Any other uses outside school? Of course. Use it to organize different items from your kitchen (such as spices), label your tool boxes, your files, your mail and more. A label makes would have its use if there’s anything you want to organize. If you want more tips and advise, go check out their website. If you want to buy one, check them out because they have a lot of products for home, office or industrial uses.

What are the top 10 mad scientists?

The list was compiled by LiveScience.10. Johann Konrad Dippel – 17th-century alchemist, famous for his quest for elixirs of immortality.9. Wernher von Braun – the brain behind the rockets used in the early space and lunar exploration programs.8. Robert Oppenheimer – the head of the Manhattan Project.7. Freeman Dyson – came up with the idea of the Dyson Sphere.6. Richard Feynman – also part of the Manhattan Project and one of the most important scientists of the late 20th century.5. Jack Parsons – co-founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, called himself the Antichrist.4. James Lovelock – inventor of the world-as-superorganism Gaia Hypothesis, made a lot of true predictions about or current climate change.3. Nikola Tesla – inventor of the wireless radio and the AC generator, used his body as an electrical conductor in public demonstrations.2. Leonardo da Vinci – an inventor way ahead of his time; need I say more?1. Albert Einstein – theory of relativity, huge contributor to the gravitation and quantum theory.If you would like to know more fun fact about these scientists, let us know and we’ll satisfy your curiosities.

How to create a hospital tank? (fish aquarium)

Select a tank of about 38 liters and fill it with unchlorinated water. Fill two 10 liters containers with water similar to that in your fish tank. Now move the fish to the first container using a net. Gradually add salt in the proper proportion to the water for 10 minutes. Then shift the fish to the next container and let it stay there for about 45 minutes. After 20 minutes add salt in the same proportion to the water in the container holding the fish. Now, move the fish to the hospital tank and change the water daily.Shift the fish to the main tank only after it recovers completely.

Why can’t this weather girl stop laughing?

This woman is just getting ready to present the weather. As it turns out a technical glitch causes the image of a man to shortly pop up at the beginning of her presentation. Her usual routine takes a comical road as seeing that image makes her burst into laughing. Not only that, but she can’t stop from laughing!If you’re in for another chuckle, check out Why can’t this host stop laughing?

Why should you fall asleep before 12 a.m.?

Studies have shown that our cortisol levels are lowest before the 12 a.m. mark. The cortisol is a hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex. It helps the body cope with stress an inflammation. It also gets the body ready for the activities of tomorrow. So if we fall asleep before midnight, we will benefit from a higher recovery rate than if we were to fall asleep after 12 a.m.Every hour of sleep before midnight is almost twice as valuable as an hour after.So, don’t stay up late anymore.

What does”mahalo”mean?

Mahalo is a Hawaiian word used to express one’s gratitude, respect or admiration. Mainly it is used to say “Thanks”, but it is also used as a form of goodbye. Same as the word Hawai’i, it is believed to come from Sawaiki, the believed Proto-Polynesian language. It’s original version was “masalo”.

What to know about Google Chrome?

Today was the official launch of Google’s version of an internet browserm a.k.a. Google Chrome.By offering it on their simple, clutter free main page it could show that Google tries to push this product on the market as soon as possible and to probably start dominating or at least acquiring a large section of the market, really fast.Let’s see how it will go. There are definitely a lot of Google lovers out there and they will try it out.So, as one of the people that downloaded the browser (I am not necessarily a Google lover) I can share some of my opinions with you:1. Download time should be very fast for most users since it is only 465 Kb.2. The installation time takes a bit more.3. What I did not appreciate is that as soon as installation was finished it imported bookmarks, passwords from Internet Explorer without my approval. You can stop it while this transfer is done, but you have to be quick.4. The design stays true to Google’s main page, a.k.a. it is simple and efficient. All you have is the main browser with tabs, an address bar and a bookmarks button.5. I could not find how to organize the bookmarks.6. All the other functions (find, zoom, cut/paste, encoding, etc) are conveniently located on a single drop down menu.7. What I miss from Firefox and IE 7 in this new Chrome is the small search field in the upper right corner. I am really surprised they did not add this in Chrome, maybe in the next version?8. From a programming perspective, at a first glance, Google Chrome seems to respect the css rules so it shouldn’t be a hassle trying to satisfy the needs of yet another internet browser.

How to print zno files?

If you have not heard of zno files, then you might have heard of Zinio Reader. If you have not heard of Zinio reader, I will tell you right now. Zinio reader is a piece of free software that lets you view digital books and digital magazine. The format of these books and magazines is the mentioned “zno”.The reader is nice in the digital sense because it lets you purchase digital versions of many of your desired magazines and also books. What’s the advantage of purchasing a digital version? The main advantage is that is is cheaper, sometimes half the price or more. What is the disadvantage? The main disadvantage is that you cannot print many of them.The people that have tried might had noticed that the papers that come out of the printer are all grayed out and the content is ineligible. So how do you go around this? Well there is a way, but it has a downside. The downside is that you get a transparent, gray watermark across the middle of the page, but it can be easily ignored. So, if the watermark is no problem for you, here is what you do:1. Open the Zinio reader with the desired book or magazine2. Press the print button and select Adobe PDF (you have to have Adobe Acrobat installed prior to this step)3. Choose the pages you want to print and press OK4. Zinio will output every chosen page to a single pdf file which would be more convenient to have in a single pdf, right? For that, open Adobe Acrobat and select File -> Create PDF -> From Multiple Files. and choose all those files in numerical order5. You will have all the desired pages from Zinio in a single pdf file and as you can see you will also have the dreaded watermark on every page.6. Unfortunately you cannot print these yet. The pages will still be grayed out if you try to print them. What you need to do is to just print them again to Adobe PDF7. Now you can safely print them (try to ignore the watermark).

How to X-ray an egg?

…without putting it in the x-ray machine. Well, you take a normal egg and hold it over an open flame so it forms ashes on its shell. When it is all covered by ashes (totally black), just drop it in a bowl of cold water. The ashes will dissolve and you will be able to see the insides of the egg, i.e. x-ray the egg.For better details, you can watch the following video:

What does Hawai’i mean?

The question refers to the word Hawai’i (not the islands themselves). It is a Hawaiian word derived from Sawaiki, the believed Proto-Polynesian language. The word itself has a reconstructed meaning of “homeland”.Of course, down the line the island group was perhaps named Hawaii for that reason, because to its settlers it became their new homeland, Hawai’i.

Why Google doesn’t play fair?

I recently found out that you can buy a PR6/7 link from Google for $2,990. Now, am I wrong or wasn’t link purchasing against Google’s policy? So, how does one purchase a link from Google? Simply by buying a Google Mini. You will not only get to use this device to search through your computer files with better accuracy, but you will also profit greatly by having an inbound link from Google.Do you want to see the websites that are currently in violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines? No problem, Google makes these available here. As you can see there are some reputable websites on that list, but there are also some dodgy ones that get to sit back and chuckle from the notion that their page rank will rise while other websites will put in some hard work to abide to Google’s rules.It seems that Google, whose motto is “do no evil”, doesn’t seem to adhere to its own rules.

How are waves different from tides?

Waves are caused by wind, while tides are the regular rise and fall of the ocean’s surface caused by the gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon on the water that is in the ocean. Waves are formed when winds blow over the surface of the ocean. Stronger winds create larger waves. The water in a wave normally moves in circles. As a wave approaches the land it is slowed down by the rising slope of the seabed, but it is the bottom portion of the wave that is slowed down. The top part of the wave keeps moving and collapses on to the shore as a breaker.

What to know about Web Hosting Rating?

This web hosting rating website is a resourceful tool for anyone looking for a web hosting provider. It not just lists web host providers, their services and ratings, but also useful articles about web hosting. For example if you are looking for a cheap web host, a few of their articles give you some pointers in what to look for and what to avoid. On the same note you can find information on dedicated servers, Linux webhosting, cPanel Tutorials, scripting, security issues and more. So if you are interested in this kind of stuff go ahead and learn more about web hosting specifications through their articles and tutorials.

Where to go buy Cartier watches?

If you are looking for a luxury watch and have a little bit of money in your pocket, you could consider buying a Cartier watch. TheWatchery dot com has a great selection of Cartier watches along with other famous and reputable brands such as Chanel, Citizen, Bvlgari, Gucci, Omega and more. Simply select your brand, style and price range and see what they have in store for you. Keep browsing through their great selection because some of them have an incredible promotion. If you see the “get a free watch” icon next to your desired watch it means that if you buy it, you get a second one for free. Besides this offer they are now featuring an End of Summer Sale with hundreds of prices reduced. I found prices reduced from 10% to 75%. That is not all, for an easier access to their sale items, you can simply browse through their Super Sale category (you will see a link to it on the left hand side of the website). If you live in the United States you will receive free shipping with a full insurance coverage.Note: All their merchandise is guaranteed to be authentic with intact serial numbers.

What to know about the new Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte?

Dear rich people,This is the phone for you. At a mere price of 1100 euros (or roughly 1700 CAD/USD), Nokia promises to deliver a new Nokia 8800 phone that stays faithful to its roots and traditions. The new Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte is made out of carbon fiber with 3D patterns decorating the exterior just enough to give it a very distinctive personality.Besides its well known features such as the turn-to-mute and the tap-tap screen for time it also comes with a whooping 4GB internal memory. Some of its other features include a 3 megapixel camera with auto focus, as well as 3G support, Bluetooth and microUSB.Advice: Wait at least a couple of month for the price to drop!

Who is the 4th member of the EZ Rock Morning Show?

For everyone living in or near Toronto and listen to the EZ ROCK 97.3FM every morning when you drive to work, then you should know they have announced their 4th member of the EZ Rock Morning Show. Read more below to see who it is:”97.3 EZ Rock has unveiled the mystery addition to its weekday morning show.The popular former CHUM-FM morning personality Rick Hodge has been announced as the fourth member of the all new EZ Rock Morning Show.Hodge joins fellow radio icon Humble Howard, spunky Canadian Recording artist Kim Stockwood,and EZ Rock’s own rising morning star Colleen Rusholme.The quartet provides a fresh alternative for commuters, the At Work crowd, and listeners looking for engaging talk and light rock favourites in the morninng.It’s a whole new dynamic and great new vibe. The brand new Morning Show officially kicks off after Labour Day, weekdays from 5:30 to 9 on 97.3 FM.”It seams that it’s going to be great. Can’t wait for the “premier” in September.Don’t forget to Check Out EZ Rock & Listen Online!